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More Uptime. Less Upkeep.
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Bobcat Utility Vehicles: More Uptime. Less Upkeep.

Bobcat® utility vehicles (UTVs) are ready when you can't wait. Enjoy front-to-back component protection and simple, quick maintenance that won't slow you down. Bobcat equipment is durable and dependable ó and nobody knows uptime better.

Hydrostatic Drive

A single, two-speed motor drives hydrostatic models. There's less periodic maintenance because the system doesn't have a belt or clutch. It also means increased performance when you tackle the most demanding jobs.

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Bobcat 4x4 and 4x2 Utility Vehicles (UTV) - Uptime Protection

Machine Protection

Machine Protection

You can't always predict what you'll find on the jobsite or on the trail, but your utility vehicle is ready for extreme conditions. Bobcat utility vehicles have standard features to protect critical machine components.

Sealed CVT Cover

Protects CVT components from debris and moisture that can cause slippage and damage to the drive belt.

Full Skid Plate

Shields the entire underbody, including the frame, from uneven terrain, branches, rocks and other debris.

CV Boot Guard

Protects the four CV boots from damaging debris.

Radiator Guard

Reduces the potential for radiator damage.

Brush Guard

Features an integrated, frame-mounted guard that provides additional protection to the radiator, lights and hood and shields the front end from branches, rocks, uneven terrain and other obstructions.

Composite Cargo Box

The composite cargo box handles tough loads, retains its strength and looks good after years of use. It is more durable than metallic cargo boxes, which are vulnerable to dents, scratches, rust and corrosion.

Parking Brake Override System

Gas-powered models feature an override system that prevents the drive from engaging when the parking brake is set.

Liquid-Cooled Engines

Easy Service Access

Access the engine compartment quickly to inspect the air filter, check engine oil and perform other regular maintenance tasks. In addition, the fuel tank is conveniently located for easy refueling. Maintaining your Bobcat utility vehicle is easy.

Liquid-Cooled Engines

The liquid-cooling system in all Bobcat utility vehicles provides consistent cooling, preventing overheating in critical engine components.

Machine Shutdown

The machine automatically monitors critical engine components and prevents damage by shutting down the engine if there's a problem.

Tool Pack

The standard tool pack includes a wrench to adjust the rear suspension for your various payload and riding needs. The pack, which is stored in the glove box, also includes a spark plug socket, pliers, tire pressure gauge, and other wrenches.