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3200 Utility Vehicle
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Tier 4

3200 4x2 Utility Vehicle (UTV)

3200 Utility Vehicle

The 3200 4x2 utility vehicle is ideal for maintaining acreages and estates, parks, school and university properties, large construction sites, rental yards and municipalities. Accomplish work-related tasks and home projects.

Travel with a passenger around larger properties and jobsites. Pull trailers and light implements. Haul cargo, soils, heavy supplies, generators, compressors and other engine-driven work tools.

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Increased Horsepower: Get speed, acceleration and power, whether you&slquo;re traveling or hauling heavy loads.

Speed and Acceleration: Accelerate smoothly and travel at a top speed of 30 mph.

Exceptional Payload Capacity: Haul more with each load and take fewer trips.

Fuel Choices: Match other equipment in your fleet with a gas engine (3200, 3400 and 3400 XL) or diesel engine (3400, 3400 XL and 3450)

Four-Wheel Independent Suspension: Improve your agility over rough terrain as each wheel moves independently to smooth out the bumps.

Adjustable Rear Suspension: Provides stability and responsiveness for your various load requirements.

Drive Mode: The single wheel open differential, works for many different applications, including turf and other manicured surfaces.

Two-Range Transmission: Choose between low or high range as you work or travel.

Variable-Rate Acceleration: Gain precise control when maneuvering at low speeds around trees, walls, gates and other obstacles.