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3400XL Utility Vehicle
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3400XL 4x4 Utility Vehicle (UTV)

3400XL UTV

Bring your entire crew directly to their work without sacrificing any power. With an extra row of seating, the 3400XL can carry up to six people. Combined with industry-leading payload and towing capacities, the 3400XL will quickly become an unstoppable force at your workplace or home.

It all starts with a strong continuously variable transmission (CVT) that packs the punch your work requires. Travel up to 40 mph* with the optional speed kit. Select a diesel or gas model – both with true four-wheel drive. Solid suspension contributes to industry-leading payload and towing capacities.

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High Cargo Capacity: Carry more with each load and take fewer trips with a 1,150 lb. cargo box capacity.

Towing Capacity: Pull trailers up to 2,000 lb.

Four-Wheel Disc Brakes: Four-wheel disc brakes provide ample stopping power.

Adjustable Shocks: Choose a setting that matches your load, optimizing comfort and traction.

Speed: Reach your destination faster with a top travel speed of 40 mph with the optional speed kit.

Quick Acceleration: Reach your top speed quickly and get from one place to another on your worksite or property faster.

True Four-Wheel Drive: Send torque to every wheel when you start to slip. If the rear wheels start to lose traction, the front wheels engage to power you through the difficult terrain.

Two-Range Transmission: Use low or high range for the best performance during demanding tasks.