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3650 Utility Vehicle
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3650 Hydrostatic Utility Vehicle (UTV)

The Bobcat® 3650 utility vehicle delivers versatile attachment capabilities. It features an easy-to-operate hydrostatic drive and it's the only utility vehicle that operates PTO-driven attachments. With the optional cab, heat and air conditioning, you can use the 3650 year-round on your acreage, campus, jobsites, and other properties.

3650 Utility Vehicle

Hydrostatic Drive

There isn't an easier and more efficient way to operate a utility vehicle. Move forward or reverse simply by pressing your toe or heel on the travel control pedal. It's ideal for operating attachments that require repetitive back and forth movements. The design also delivers steady torque to the wheels in high load applications for more pulling power. For the most demanding tasks, hydrostatic-driven models deliver the best performance.

Durable Multi-Attachment X-Change (M.A.X.) System

Accomplish more with the Multi-Attachment X-Change™ (M.A.X.) system. With a lift height of two feet, operating capacity of 500 lb. and PTO (Power-Take-Off) drive, you can use the 3650 to operate a variety of attachments year-round. In the winter, use the snowblower or snow blade to clear snow from driveways and paths. During summer, use the mower to cut grass or the angle broom to clean debris from sidewalks or driveways. You can do it all with one machine.

Comfort All Year

You can operate the 3650 year-round with comfort options like a modular cab, heat and air conditioning. Whether you're operating in frigid cold or blistering sun, you and one passenger can stay out of the elements while getting your tasks done. You can also count on other amenities like tilt steering, comfortable bucket seats and quiet operation.

Industry-Leading Payload and Towing

Front Dual A-Arm and rear De Dion suspension, four-wheel disc brakes and a powerful 24 hp engine enables the 3650 to have industry-leading payload and towing capabilities. The 1,900 lb. vehicle rated capacity (occupants, cargo box, and accessories) is the industry's highest. You can also tow heavy loads with the low-range transmission for maximum torque. Carry animal feed, firewood, supplies, hunting gear, tools, and more. Accomplish more while maintaining a stable, and comfortable ride.

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Dynamic Braking: When you remove your foot from the travel control pedal, the hydrostatic system will naturally reduce the flow of oil, causing the machine to slow, meaning less wear on the brakes and reduced energy consumption.

High Cargo Capacity: Carry more with each load and take fewer trips with a 1,250 lb. cargo box capacity.

Towing Capacity: Pull trailers up to 2,000 lb.

Four-Wheel Disc Brakes: In addition to dynamic braking, four-wheel disc brakes provide additional stopping power.

Adjustable Shocks: Choose a setting that matches your load, optimizing comfort and traction.

Speed: Reach your destination faster with a top travel speed of 30 mph.

Smooth Acceleration: Reach your top speed smoothly and get from one place to another on your worksite or property faster.

True Four-Wheel Drive: Send torque to every wheel when you start to slip. If the rear wheels start to lose traction, the front wheels engage to power you through the difficult terrain.

Three Drive Modes: Choose the right drive mode for the conditions including single-wheel (open differential), two-wheel (rear differential locked) or four-wheel (equal torque to both rear wheels).

Two-Range Transmission: Use low or high range for the best performance during demanding tasks.

Power Management System: Automatically adjusts power demands to stay consistent, even under intense conditions like climbing hills or towing heavy loads.

Independent Throttle Control: Adjust the engine rpm independently from the travel speed while operating powered attachments.