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Bobcat Utility Vehicles: All-Day Comfort.

Since transportation may be a top need for your utility vehicle, travel comfort is a requirement. Bobcat® utility vehicles (UTVs) offer exceptional comfort for operators and passengers.

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Sound Quality

Experience the power of your machine without hearing the roar of its engine. An improved muffler and engine layout minimizes engine sound. For even better sound reduction, add the optional modular cab.


Transport passengers around your property or jobsite, no matter your crew size. Depending on your model and configuration, you can accommodate up to three people with bench seats or six people in the 3400XL.

Optional Modular Cab

Optional Modular Cab

You can work in comfort and stay protected from the elements year-round with the modular cab with heat and air conditioning. Easily choose and assemble only the parts of the cab you need. For instance, leave off the doors for easier access or add the windshield for wind protection.

Optional Steel Cab

The optional cab provides additional comfort and protection against the elements. Attach the steel cab with heat to the machine and enjoy the benefits of a protected operator station.

Heat and A/C

Heat and A/C

No matter the season, you can stay comfortable inside the optional cab equipped with heat and air conditioning (A/C only available on 3600 and 3650). Work in comfort when you check livestock on a frigid winter morning or stay protected from the heat while hauling supplies in the summer.

Ergonomic Controls

Ergonomic Controls

Ergonomically shaped controls, such as the gear selection lever, make operation easier. The range control fits your hand naturally, so shifting ranges are easier and more comfortable. The travel control pedal is easy to operate with your toe or heel. All other controls are within easy reach of the operator.

Tilt and Low-Effort Steering

Tilt, Low-Effort, Power Steering

Adjust the operator station to your preference for all-day comfort. With tilt steering, you can easily enter the vehicle and adjust the steering wheel position for optimal legroom and accessibility. Easily maneuver your utility vehicle in a wide range of operating conditions with low-effort and power steering.



Keep easily misplaced items like gloves or small tools in the storage areas below the dash or in the glove compartment or under the seat. Two cup holders are also conveniently placed for easy access to beverages.

Low Entry/Exit Step

Low Entry/Exit Step

It's helpful to have a machine that's easy to enter and exit. With the low step on Bobcat utility vehicles, you can work all day with less fatigue. Compared to four-wheelers or compact tractors, running boards on Bobcat utility vehicles allow you to enter and exit easily.