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VersaHandler TTC
Choosing a VersaHandler TTC
Why Bobcat VersaHandlers?
Tier 4

Whenever. Wherever.

VersaHandler TTC models combine speed, agility, versatility and impressive telescopic reach to handle a wide variety of jobs on virtually any worksite. Whether you're loading, digging, handling and placing material, grading or doing a variety of tasks, it's easier said and done with a VersaHandler TTC.


Use the VersaHandler TTC for grading, backfilling, truss placement, material handling, excavating, cleanup and much more.


Add a VersaHandler TTC to your municipal fleet they're perfect for mulching, waste transfer, tree cleanup, loading trucks, snow removal and general maintenance.


Use the VersaHandler TTC for loading mulch; loading / unloading sod; sod placement; transporting plants, trees, and landscaping materials; grading; retaining walls; and much more.


Use the VersaHandler TTC for recycling (rubber, plastic, paper, metal), waste handling, sorting material, cleanup, loading conveyors, picking and placing material, and loading trucks / waste containers, among other tasks.


A VersaHandler TTC is a perfect machine for agricultural tasks such as handling bales, silage and fertilizer; defacing silage; loading trucks or tub grinders; pulling trailers; cleanup; and feeding.


Rent a VersaHandler TTC to use as an attachment-carrying, material-handling or loading machine. The VersaHandler TTC is a more efficient alternative to a loader-tractor or small- to mid-size wheel loader.
Less Time

Bobcat knows that time is money. That's why we include the hydraulic quick-tach attachment mounting system standard on all VersaHandler TTCs. The quick-tach system makes hooking up and disconnecting attachments quick, easy and secure every time. With this system, you never have to leave the cab when hooking up, changing or disconnecting non-hydraulic attachments, giving you a time-saving edge on every jobsite!