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Tier 4

Bobcat Announces non-DPF Tier 4 Engine Offering

Bobcat Company has announced a plan for Tier 4 solutions that include a Doosan-built engine added to some of its equipment lineup. Inclusion of the new Tier 4 Doosan engines in Bobcat machines will begin in early 2014.

Why is Bobcat changing engines?

This is part of our Tier 4 plan. Bobcat and Doosan engineers have worked together with experts in the engine development field to produce compact engines that offer customers their preference of non-DPF Tier 4 technology, while still ensuring the quality product they’ve come to expect from Bobcat. Doosan has more than 50 years of experience producing engines across several industries, from industrial and heavy machinery, to automobiles, to ships to power plants, and more.

Why is a non-DPF Tier 4 solution important?

Our customers and dealers have told us they prefer a non-DPF solution. It minimizes long-term Tier 4 parts and maintenance expenses, and reduces daily maintenance requirements and complexity.

Will this affect how Bobcat Company and Bobcat dealers support machines with other brands of engines?

Bobcat will continue to provide parts, service, and warranty on Kubota engines. Kubota engines represent the largest population of engines in Bobcat machines, and we have a dealer network with strong and enduring expertise in supporting these engines. Since we’ll continue to offer Kubota engines in select products, our dealers will continue to service them as well.

What are the engine specifics?

There will be three Doosan engine models:

  • 1.8L – 3.4L displacement
  • 33 – 99 horsepower

More information on Bobcat Tier 4 machines — including engine specs and customer features and benefits — will be released closer to the product launches.