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VersaHandler TTC
Choosing a VersaHandler TTC
Why Bobcat VersaHandlers?
Tier 4

Unmatched steering

No other machine in its class can offer more maneuverability than the VersaHandler TTC. Its proportional-flow power steering enables the four wheels to mimic the turn you make with the steering wheel proportionally. This intuitive connection between the operator and his wheels increases steering accuracy, which makes maneuvering around tight jobsites a breeze. In addition to proportional-flow power steering, all VersaHandler TTCs have three steering modes: all-wheel, crab and front-wheel steer.

All-wheel steer

All-wheel steer mode allows you to make the quick and tight turns you canít achieve in an articulated loader.

Crab steer

Crab steer takes your maneuverability one step further by allowing for precise side-to-side positioning that no loader can offer.

Front-wheel steer

The front-wheel steer mode permits high-speed road travel at 18.7 mph, eliminating the need to haul this machine on a trailer from jobsite to jobsite.