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VersaHandler TTC
Choosing a VersaHandler TTC
Why Bobcat VersaHandlers?
Tier 4

Hydrostatic Transmission

The VersaHandler TTC features a heavy-duty hydrostatic transmission, which enables on-the-fly shifting between high- and low-drive-speed range. It also provides more precise control than traditional torque converter-style transmissions found in similar machines and great wheel torque for digging and pushing. Drive Mode allows the VersaHandler TTC to offer great performance and reach an impressive 18.7 mph, while Work Mode gives you the extra wheel torque you need to get jobs like pushing, stockpiling or truck loading done efficiently.

Dynamic Braking System

With its dynamic braking system, the VersaHandler TTC will decelerate and stop as soon as you let your foot off the accelerator pedal unlike a torque converter-style transmission that coasts before coming to a complete stop. This gives you maximum control on slopes where you can easily inch your way up or down without having to apply the brake.

Inching Pedal

VersaHandler TTCs also allow you to control your travel speed at any rpm through the inching pedal. By slightly pressing the inching pedal up to a half stroke, you can slow the machine while maintaining full engine rpm. This feature allows you to control your speed and maintain full hydraulic flow for attachments and improved cycle times.