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Attachments / Backhoe - Compact Tractors

Backhoe (Compact Tractors)

Bobcat compact tractor backhoe attachment.

Turn your compact tractor into a powerful excavator with the digging force of a backhoe attachment.

This compact tractor attachment can handle tough excavating jobs. It operates with minimal ground disturbance, which is ideal for working in sensitive areas. You’ll have a clear line of sight into the hole, making it easy to dig accurately. Once your digging task is complete, change to another compact tractor implement to finish the job.

How a Backhoe Works

Fit your backhoe attachment on the rear of your compact tractor. Lock the latch arms to the mounting frame. Then hook up the backhoe to your compact tractor’s auxiliary hydraulics. Multiple bucket widths are available to fit your excavating job size.

Things To Do With a Backhoe

A backhoe attachment can help you tackle excavation jobs on your property.

  • Dig septic tanks or ditches.
  • Trench for irrigation, water and power lines.
  • Build retaining walls and other landscape projects.

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Backhoe Features

  • Excellent Down-Hole Visibility: Offers clear visibility for more efficient and accurate operation when operating the backhoe attachment.
  • Required Sub-frame: Included sub-frame attaches to the rear of your tractor for added strength and durability.
  • Bucket Options: 13-inch bucket standard; 16-inch bucket available.
  • Three Backhoe Sizes: 73-inch, 90-inch and 96-inch dig depths available; choose the one that fits your compact tractor.

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