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Attachments / Forestry Cutter


Now you can punch straight into wooded growth, even large-diameter trees, and bring high branches quickly to the ground! The new Bobcat Forestry Cutter is equipped with a high-torque motor, giving you greater performance and fuel efficiency. Operation is smooth and easy thanks to the new tube-style drum and spiral tooth pattern which allows one tooth to engage at a time.

The compact size of this forestry cutter helps you to manoeuvre easily whether you are clearing every tree or selectively thinning. Simply lower the cutter onto the tree and its fast-cutting teeth will rip it to shreds!

Top Tasks

  • Your complete tree and bush management package:
  • Site preparation
  • Forestry clearing & thinning
  • Maintenance work on roadsides, farms and estates

Forestry Applications Kit

For your own safety and protection of the machine, the Forestry Application Kit is mandatory for the use of the Bobcat Forestry Cutter.

The Forestry Application Kit includes:

  • Forestry door (the cutter will not operate without it)
  • Front and rear light guards
  • Hydraulic guard to protect quick coupler unit
  • Fire extinguisher mounted in the cab for quick access
  • Level II FOPS to protect operator and cab from falling trees and objects
  • Muffler guard (NON-E2 machines only)
  • Polycarbonate top, rear and side windows for operator protection and visibility

How It Works

Carbide tipped teeth on a rotating drum easily rip through standing trees and demolish brush. Trees lying on the ground can be further processed into fine mulch and even mixed into the soil.


  • High performance motor, offering more performance and fast recovery time
  • Number of teeth: 30 (FRC150HT, FRC150ST) or 36 (FRC200HT) long life teeth made of carbide
  • Drum diameter offering strength yet reduced weight
  • 3 (FRC150ST) or 5 (FRC150HT, FRC200HT) rows of counter cutters for refined mulching
  • Improved hoses routing
  • Adjustable push bar configuration
  • Reinforced chain protection at the back
  • HD belt cover
  • Frame Hardox for most % of the body (especially for FRC150ST)
  • Adjustable skid shoes for better ground mulching performance
  • Debris and seal Application kit (the perfect match)
  • Automatic drum brake system, stopping the drum in 8 seconds
  • ACD Control system, for plug & play compatibility with Bobcat machines
  • Choose from 150 cm or 200 cm drum width
  • Available for 500 / 600 / 700 / 800 series loaders