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Professional Bull Rider, Jess Lockwood

Bobcat and Jess Lockwood Bring Raw Power to the Ranch – and the Rodeo

As a top competitor in a tough sport, Jess Lockwood knows that with a combination of agility, a strong grip and an ability to roll with the punches, you can ride out anything. Maybe that’s why he so thoroughly demonstrates Bobcat-level standards of performance, toughness and versatility in his professional and personal life.

“I’m a customer first,” says Lockwood. “I just happen to ride bulls well enough, that now they are a partner. When I can pair up with a brand or a product that I already know, it’s perfect and I couldn’t be more excited about this partnership.”

Lockwood, who won his first world championship in 2017 and his second in 2019, became the youngest bull rider to win two world championships. He is anticipated to be a top contender for the 2021 PBR World Championship as well. When he is not competing in the bull ring, Lockwood is a full-time cattle rancher on his family’s ranch in Volborg, Montana, where he uses his Bobcat® equipment.

Bobcat Equipment: In Sync with Lockwood’s Lifestyle

Jess owns the property of his dreams, and he puts Bobcat equipment to the test each day, whether it’s caring for his cattle, taking on special projects or simply getting around his large property in less time.

High-Powered Partnership

Lockwood has a natural affinity for “One Tough Animal®,” and that’s no bull – at least not in this case.

“I use my Bobcat equipment every single day on the ranch,” mentions Lockwood. “I wasn’t a Bobcat endorsee when I bought my first skid-steer from them in 2017.”

The partnership includes Lockwood displaying a Bobcat logo on his bull riding shirt, vest and helmet during competitions, as well as serving as a spokesperson for Bobcat.