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Posted: 09/18/2015

Comparing Compact Excavators and Tractor Backhoe Loaders

Compact Excavator and Track Backhoe Loaders

Whether you are considering replacing a tractor loader backhoe with a compact excavator, or just trying to decide between the two, it’s important to know how they match up. Read on to see the advantages Bobcat® compact excavators have over larger tractor loader backhoes.

Better rotation
•    Compact excavators can continuously rotate 360 degrees for unlimited spoil placement.
•    A backhoe, in contrast, has a maximum of 180 degrees of workgroup movement.

Time and fuel savings
•    Compact excavators use less fuel and can be hauled with lighter, more fuel-efficient trucks, keeping your hourly costs down.

More flexibility

•    When you work next to objects, a compact excavator provides much more flexibility.
•    On many jobsites, a tractor loader backhoe is limited to only 45 degrees of workgroup movement. In similar situations, a compact excavator may have up to 180 degrees of movement – allowing you to place spoil where needed, or even load a truck behind the machine.

Powerful digging
•    The hydraulic systems on compact excavators often outperform larger machines.

Better visibility
•    In a compact excavator, you sit offset relative to the boom for an unobstructed view of the attachment.
•    On a tractor loader backhoe, you constantly have to lean around the boom to see the attachment.

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