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Posted: 09/01/2015

Undercarriage Design Can Affect Productivity in Wet Conditions

Bobcat S450

Why do some skid-steer loaders bog down in soft or wet conditions, while Bobcat® loaders pass through without slowing down? More often than not, the loader’s undercarriage design is the difference. Most other skid-steer loaders have flat bottoms, which causes them to struggle on wet and muddy jobsites.

Bobcat loaders perform better in challenging conditions because the undercarriage is keel-shaped — instead of flat — with the lowest point at the center of the machine. Ground clearance increases closer to the wheels. The design allows the loader to pass over obstructions, much like a boat slices through water.

You’d prefer to stay on task rather than waste time driving around the jobsite to avoid soft spots or pulling your machine out of the muck. With the keel-shaped undercarriage on Bobcat loaders, you'll minimize your chance of getting hung up and spend more time being productive.

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