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Posted: 09/18/2015

Nine Jobs for Your Compact Excavator and Attachments

A Bobcat E35 compact excavator paired with a hydraulic breaker demolishes concrete.

It’s no secret that compact excavators can dig. But Bobcat® compact excavators reach far beyond their traditional role. And to prove it, here are nine jobs that might expand the way you think about how you use compact excavators and excavator attachments.

1. Breaking through tough concrete and asphalt

Excavators are perfectly suited for demolition work. Armed with a Bobcat hydraulic breaker, you can demolish concrete and asphalt driveways, sidewalks, trails, paths and swimming pools. This powerful attachment can reduce small vertical structures – such as old buildings and retaining walls – into manageable chunks. Once the material is broken, switch from a breaker to a bucket and hydraulic clamp to precisely lift and move pieces directly into a truck for removal.

2. Clearing and loading using excavator attachments

Bobcat excavators help improve and prepare property for development by clearing dead or fallen trees and removing underbrush. Versatile attachments such as buckets with teeth, hydraulic clamps and three-tine grapples can grab, pull and drag saplings and rooted undergrowth, as well as sort and load trucks. A flail mower removes underbrush and growth with ease. Use an excavator with an enclosed cab with the flail mower, and close the windows and door before operating the attachment.

3. Compacting in a trench

Pair an excavator with a plate compactor or a packer wheel attachment to compact in trenches. These two attachments can eliminate placing workers in a trench to do hand-operated compaction or managing a walk-behind unit above ground to close up a trench.

4. Drilling holes with an auger

A Bobcat auger can install fence posts, piers and poles, or plant trees and other vegetation quickly. This attachment can increase your accuracy and convenience when digging footings for buildings, houses, decks and other structures.

5. Grading for improved precision

An optional angle blade transforms your Bobcat excavator into a rough or finish grader, as well as a backfilling and leveling machine, without forming dirt windrows. A grading bucket can cut swales and shape contours for drainage projects. Combined with the PowerTilt® or Hydra-Tilt™ swing accessories, buckets gain significant range of motion for improved precision. Dig faster using less effort and have greater precision with the Depth Check system.

6. Hardscaping using grapples and clamps

When creating an outdoor environment, building an elaborate hardscape or constructing retaining walls, compact excavators provide grasp and precision. Their wrist-like flexibility allows you to dig square holes, load/unload and sort material, move vegetation and pavers, and place landscape boulders. Three-tine grapples paired with a clamp are the perfect solution for handling timbers or other dimensional lumber. And for larger objects, the Bobcat Pro Clamp™ system is ideal for most excavator models.

7. Lifting various materials

Excavators are ideal for loading/unloading trucks containing heavy items such as septic tanks. They can also replace tractor loader backhoes on horizontal directional drilling projects to lift and hold components into place for bore hole entry. Follow lift charts before lifting objects with an excavator to ensure the machine is rated to lift the material.

8. Ripping through hard ground

Prepping a site for paving or planting can be done with your excavator fitted with a ripper to penetrate and scarify frost or hard ground. Rippers are ideal for removing tree roots on site preparation projects.

9. Trenching through all soil types

Adding a trencher attachment to an excavator creates a productive dual-capacity machine for utility or irrigation system installation.

Different work requires different attachments. See what attachments are right for you and your jobsites.

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