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Cutter Crusher

Cutter Crushers

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  • Construction and Demolition
  • Road work, Recycling and Cleaning
  • Crushes concrete
  • Cuts rounds steel, rebar, wire, mesh, angle iron & I-beams.
  • Low noise output.
  • Minimal vibration
  • 360° free rotation.
  • Mounts on Bobcat loaders & excavators.
  • Reversible cutting blades.
  • Works where other tools would be restricted.
  • X-change™ mount standard.
Item number
Compatible with loader
Cutter Crusher CC40
S100, T110-E, S510-E, S510-B, S530-E, S530-B, S550-E, S550-B, S570-E, S570-B, S590-E, S590-B, S450-E, S70-E, T450-E, S550-E2, S570-E2, S590-E2, T590-L, T590-E2, S450-B, T110-B