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Excavators benefits

The Bobcat line of compact excavators is a perfect example of our approach to design: never stop making it better. Our excavators are designed to deliver strong performance in a compact machine to put operators and owners in charge of laborsaving strength and productivity. With a wide range of attachments to choose from, your Bobcat excavator is not just a digging machine; it’s a versatile tool carrier.


High performance thanks to a combination of power and controllability

Cab comfort

Comfort built around the operator – improved visibility, spacious and comfortable cabin with easy access


Zero tail swing machines and best-in-class stability with a unique zero house swing functionality on selected models

Machines in the excavators family

When you're choosing machines for general excavation work or site preparation projects, your smart choice is Bobcat compact excavators (also known as mini excavators).

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Bobcat® hydraulic breakers offer high performance, low maintenance, and are easy to use. All breakers feature a frame with a cylindrical design, giving you easier access to those difficult demolition jobs in confined areas. All our breakers have a silenced housing as standard, for quieter and smoother work.

Hydraulic Coupler

Hydraulically connected to the machine, the Bobcat Hydraulic Pin Grabber Coupler allows you to change attachments in only a few seconds - and from the comfort and security of your cab.

Grading Bucket

Grading Buckets are wide buckets designed for levelling and grading work.

Laser Equipment

This laser equipment offers you advanced, innovative features that will enable you to grade faster and with greater accuracy.

Plate Compactor

Mounted at the end of the excavator boom, the Bobcat plate compactor can reach the bottom of trenches. It can also drive piles when you are building retaining walls. This attachment allows you to quickly handle a project requiring compaction, without the need for a labourer in the trench with a hand-operated compactor. It is an alternative to a walk behind unit or remote-controlled roller compactors.

Rotary Grinder

The rotary grinder is a powerful attachment comprising a double drum, driven by a totally integrated high-torque hydraulic motor. Thanks to its special design features, it allows the demolition of complete structures and very precise removal of material and debris, without damaging adjacent structures. You can also dig trenches in rocky ground or prepare asphalt or concrete surfaces for repair.

Tilt Bucket

Saves you time and improves productivity! The tilt bucket is a grading bucket with an integrated hydraulic cylinder, allowing the bucket to be tilted to either side by 45°. You can save time on countless jobs by simply tilting the bucket instead of having to reposition the entire machine. It is ideal for land clearing, landscaping and backfilling.

Selectable Auxiliary Hydraulic Flow

Many Bobcat® compact excavator models are equipped with selectable auxiliary hydraulics. This gives you the choice of three flow rates to help you optimise the response of your hydraulic attachments such as tilting buckets, clamps, grapples, hydraulic breakers and augers. Select low flow for precise control and accurate angles, medium flow for placing and handling materials, or maximum flow for peak hydraulic attachment performance.

Fingertip Boom Swing and Auxiliary Control

Bobcat® excavator controls enable you to make fine, accurate movements with minimum effort and maximum comfort – so you can get precise results in less time, with less fatigue. On the left joystick, a rocker-style thumb switch gives you superior boom-swing control with better metering than foot pedals.

On the right joystick, the switch provides perfect control of your connected attachment. You'll also find that multi-function operation, such as swinging and travelling simultaneously, is easier. With the boom swing and auxiliary control located on the joystick, you get more comfortable floor space and foot room - a definite bonus on long, tiring jobs.

Engine Monitoring

You can keep your Bobcat® compact excavator on the job – and out of the shop – thanks to its smart diagnostic features. Machine Shutdown Protection To maximise uptime, most Bobcat excavators come standard with automatic shutdown that tracks engine coolant temperature, engine oil pressure, hydraulic oil temperature and other functions.

The system is designed to prevent catastrophic engine failure: it shuts down the machine if necessary, reducing the chance of damage to the engine or hydraulic components. Diagnostics Bobcat provides on-board diagnostics to efficiently troubleshoot problems while you are working and prevent them before they occur – reducing your machine's downtime. Cold Weather Engine Protection This feature protects your machine from working too hard in cold weather before the engine is properly warmed up.

Machine Protection

Like all Bobcat® machines, our compact excavators are designed to prevent problems before they occur. Electronics meet or exceed the most demanding specifications for sealing, moisture, shock and vibration. Automatic glow plugs deliver easier starts and ensure longer starter life, while battery run-down protection guards against vandals or forgetful operators.

Adjustable Joystick Controls

The Bobcat® E10 allows you to choose the position of your joystick controls: outward for comfort, or inward for passing through narrow openings.

Blade Float

Our mission is to make your work easier! The Blade Float simplifies grading, leveling and backfilling jobs. Blade float exerts a minimal, consistent down-force on the blade, with minimal operator input.

Retractable undercarriage

You can work in confined areas and squeeze through the tightest workspaces by retracting the tracks on Bobcat® E08, E10, E17, E19 and E20 compact excavators. The hydraulically activated retractable undercarriage is the ideal solution for access through narrow gates and doorways.