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Loader Accessories

Rubber Bumper

Used to protect the rear of the loader from becoming damaged due to scraping or contact with objects in confined work spaces. For M-Series loaders.


Beacons and Strobe Lights

Improve safety and visibility with rotating beacon lights or flashing strobe lights.  Several sizes and types available: magnetic or permanent mount; install with a wired harness or an adapter plug; LED or strobe/flash tubes.


Exhaust Purifier

Reduce your loader’s emissions with an exhaust purifier. Bobcat catalytic exhaust purifiers integrate into the exhaust system of Bobcat equipment to reduce diesel soot, carbon monoxide and hydrocarbons from exhaust gases.


Heated Seat Covers

Seat covers made of premium quality fabric with an embroidered Bobcat logo and a handheld temperature control deliver the right amount of heat during frigid days. You can also choose to have the same high quality seat cover with no heating element. Ask your dealer to find the correct fit for your seat.


Intermittent Wiper

You can adjust the speed of the wiper to match operating conditions. Available for M-Series Loaders.


Keyless Start Theft Protection

The keyless start kit provides extra theft protection for Bobcat Loaders. Start your machine by simply entering a set code number and pressing the start button. The code can easily be changed using the master code which is supplied with the kit. The kit provides increased theft protection, and is especially useful for rental machines, as the code can be changed with each new customer.


Heavy Duty Radios

Bobcat Mini Radios are completely weatherproof and built to withstand any environment -- even water and dirt. Listen to the radio or play your iPod, MP3 or other portable music player through the convenient front mini-jack input. Bluetooth stereo and headphones, Sirius Satellite Radio, Roof Mount, CD Player, and several speaker options available.


LED Light Bar

Experience 10,800 total lumens with six adjustable, tilting LED lights illuminating the entire area around the loader, and at a much greater distance than stock headlights. Custom light bar with wiring harness, switch, and all necessary hardware is a direct fit on M-Series, G-Series, and later model F-Series loaders.


Ride Control

Want to make your machine ride smoother? The Ride Control option is made to better absorb shocks caused when carrying loads over uneven ground. The cushioned ride is accomplished by an accumulator in the loader lift circuit. With the lift arms slightly raised, the accumulator acts like a shock absorber on vehicles. The result is a smoother ride and reduced instances of spillage from a bucket or pallet forks.


Bobcat Tarpaulin

Protect loaders from bad weather, road dirt, nicks and chips. Designed to cover the entire loader, except the bucket. Fits F, G, and K models of skid steers
The M-Series Cover is made of 13oz black vinyl polyester with 69 D-rings for a tight secure for transport or storage.


Vinyl Cab

All vinyl cab enclosures are created from heavy-duty materials for a long dependable life. Easy and quick on and off design, windows on all 4 sides, and all-weather safety door.


Window Protectors

Protect your cab investment during travel with these padded vinyl covers designed to fit the front or rear window of your loader cab. Installation is easy with the nylon webbing and buckles that strap on and are adjustable to fit around the door or window. No holes to drill. The heavy-duty durable vinyl is padded with 2.5 cm foam to help prevent broken glass during transportation on rough surfaces. Fits G/K and M Series.


LED Worklights

LED worklights for Bobcat are available in both right-hand and left-hand configurations. These LED lights replace Bobcat’s stock halogen lamps. With these lights, you’ll enjoy superior visibility, extreme durability, and unmatched longevity! Bezel not included.


Filter Heater

The filter heater is a thin, flexible, silicone/fiberglass heating pad that easily wraps around the filter housing to maintain full contact and evenly transmit heat, in order to avoid the risk of diesel fuel gelling.

  • Use in cold temperatures to prevent fuel gelling
  • Plug in when machine is not in use
  • Helps reduce downtime, 

It’s all in the looks
Keep your machine looking showroom standard
Genuine paints are available from Bobcat to allow you to keep your machine looking pristine.  It’s not