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Bucket Teeth & Auger Bits and Teeth

Choose the right teeth for your application.
Whether you are working in sandy or rocky soil, there are a variety of teeth available to help you meet the demands of the task at hand.
Replacing worn out and broken teeth will help you, and your equipment, perform efficiently.
For an all-makes bucket teeth option (For teeth options for all brands of bucket, talk …), talk to the parts department at your local Bobcat dealer to learn about the replacement teeth options available for your bucket and attachments.

Bobcat Auger Bits & Teeth

Operators should regularly inspect the replaceable teeth for wear, especially the outside teeth that are used to cut a clean edge to the hole.
Bobcat® branded auger components have a proven reputation for durability and performance. When drilling holes, you should match your auger bit and teeth to your soil conditions for smooth and easy cutting of holes.

Planetary Auger Bits & Teeth

Choose Heavy Duty Auger Bits for drilling in hard ground, hardpan, shale, and asphalt.
Choose Rock Auger Bits for fracturable rock, hard soil with rocks, and frozen ground.
Size: Both types of planetary auger bits are 61.5" / 1.56 m Length, 2.5" / 6.3 cm hex drive hub, single flighting. Both come in a variety of widths.
Teeth and Pilots: Replaceable tap-in teeth and pilots are available.