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TL30.60 Low Cab 75 V

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Lifting height — on tyres
5,800 mm
Rated capacity
3,000 kg
Capacity (at max. height on tyres)
2,500 kg
Capacity (at max. reach on tyres)
1,300 kg
Max. reach on tyres
3,100 mm
With forks and standard 405/70x20 tyres
With forks and optional 400/80x24 tyres
With jib on 20 or 24 inch tyres
Weight (unladen)
5,310 kg
Standard tyres
SOLIDEAL 405/70-20 14PR
1st gear / low range
7.5 km/h
1st gear / high range
29.5 km/h
Hydrostatic with electronic regulation
Main drive
Hydrostatic motor
Make / Model
Bobcat D34
Rated power (ISO 14396) at 2400 RPM
75 HP
Rated power (ISO 14396) at 2400 RPM
55.3 kW
Maximum torque at 1400 RPM
360 Nm
Number of cylinders
3.4 L
Pump type
Gear pump with LS valve
Pump capacity
80 L/min
Relief valve pressure setting
250 bar
Lift time - no load
6 s
Lower time - no load
4.2 s
Telescope in time at max. reach - no load
3.3 s
Telescope in time at max. height - no load
3.3 s
Telescope out time at max. reach - no load
5.8 s
Telescope out time at max. height - no load
5.8 s
Engine braking
Parking and emergency brake
Passive brake
Fuel tank
115 L
Hydraulic reservoir
47 L
Operator noise level (LpA) (EN 12053)
76 dB(A)
Operator noise level (LpA) (EN 12053) uncertainty
4 dB(A)
Level of acoustic power (LWA)
104 dB(A)
Whole body vibration (EN 13059)
1.8 ms-2
Operator cab inside width
857 mm
Overall length (with forks)
5,712 mm
Overall length (fork frame)
4,507 mm
Overall length (without attachment)
4,140 mm
Overall length (Front tire to rear of machine)
4,035 mm
Overall height (with rotating beacon)
2,290 mm
Overall height
2,156 mm
Carriage rotation angle
136 °
Height to back of the machine
1,587 mm
Ground clearance
264 mm
Front axle to front carriage
1,020 mm
2,820 mm
Rear axle to back of machine
667 mm
Operator cab outside width
930 mm
Track width (front & rear)
1,700 mm
Width over standard tyres
2,100 mm
External turning radius (with forks spaced 1040 mm apart)
4,713 mm
External turning radius (with forks spaced 1360 mm apart)
4,812 mm
External turning radius (at tyres)
3,717 mm
Internal turning radius
1,329 mm

Certain specification(s) are based on engineering calculations and are not actual measurements. Specification(s) are provided for comparison purposes only and are subject to change without notice. Specification(s) for your individual Bobcat equipment will vary based on normal variations in design, manufacturing, operating conditions, and other factors.