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Construction & Demolition & Roadworks

These powerful attachment are using rotational movements to remove layers of road surface, cutting through asphalt, concrete or frozen ground, digging holes in tough, rocky soil, building trenches and performing demolitions. Variety of carbide-tipped bits and other cutting tools are mounted on these attachments. Bobcat offers different types of bits and teeth to choose from to best suit the ground conditions. Thanks to special design features for each type of job, they offer the best performance and service life.

wheel saw

Planer, Grinder, Wheel Saw Bits

Grinding, milling and cutting asphalt, concrete and rocks are tough jobs requiring the right tools. Here is a selection of Bobcat carbide bits for planer, wheel saw and rotary grinder attachments.

  • Cemented tungsten carbide for exceptional wear resistance, air-hardened steel for toughness.
  • Latest body design for optimum penetration and rotation with washer for less stress and wear of retainer and holder system.
  • Tips designed to best match your application.

Best or economy choice:

To better match bits with your application, please check out our 2 high-quality alternatives for cutter performance:

  • Industry Best: Unique design optimized for best penetration and tool rotation. Delivers machine efficiency, economy and overall performance – while maintaining low fuel consumption, high productivity and strong wear resistance.
  • Cost-effective tools of industry quality: Proven quality – for significantly lower prices – designed for use in general, less demanding jobs.

Bits box

For greater customer convenience, for selected bits we have introduced the Bobcat bits box – which simplifies choosing the right bits for the application and facilitates the ordering process. At a glance, you see the type of bit you need, and the box format makes changing bits on your planer, grinder or wheel saw faster and easier.
From now on, these selected bits are coming in a bulk package of 50 or 75 pieces, depending on the bits type. The Doosan shop price is for the whole box.

Select the right bit tip for your machine and application:

  • Maximum toughness.
  • Ideal for excessive impact.
  • Conditions: hard rock, chunk rock, shot rock, mixed rock and dirt.


  • Maximum abrasion resistance.
  • Ideal for uninterrupted cuts. Will not withstand high impact.
  • Conditions: softer, more abrasive material.

Narrow Bottom

  • Combination of a cap and a plug
  • Superior strength and abrasion resistance.
  • Conditions: Best in hard, abrasive material.

Breaker Tools

Bobcat breaker tools are heat forged, creating a dense hardened steel structure. Forged tools are tough and durable, offering faster penetration, focused energy, and longer tool life. The shank ends have a grooved profile to retain grease in contact area.
The right tool for each job!

Wide point Inline & Crosscut Chisel

  • General use with extra-large width and additional cutting action.
  • For breaking up blacktop, shaking out foundry ladles and demolishing concrete and reinforced concrete.
  • Both parallel to shank cutting edge and 90° indexed cutting edge available.

Asphalt Point Inline & Crosscut Chisel

  • General use with extra-long and thin blade and additional cutting action.
  • For cutting blacktop or soft material.
  • Both parallel to shank cutting edge and 90° indexed cutting edge available.

Tamping Pad Tool

  • Forged 200 × 200 mm plate for compression of ground and gravel.

Flat point & Crosscut Chisel

  • General use with additional cutting action.
  • Optimal for drawing pits in rocky subsoil and separating rock slabs.
  • Both parallel to shank cutting edge and 90° indexed cutting edge available.

Nail Point Chisel

  • General use for demolition work and in quarries.
  • Ideally suited for breaking up slag in steel mills (industrial application) and demolishing foundations.
  • The tip is pyramidally forged for wedge action during application.

Conical Point Chisel

  • Used for general demolition work where penetrative breaking is required.

Blunt Tool Chisel

  • The versatile blunt tool.
  • Ideal for breaking stone blocks, for crushing large rock pieces in quarries and for crushing slag.
  • Also suitable for ground compression.

Bobcat Auger Bits & Teeth

Bobcat® branded auger components have a proven reputation for durability and performance. When drilling holes, you should match your auger bit and teeth to your soil conditions for smooth and easy cutting of holes.

  • For drilling in hard ground, hardpan, shale, and asphalt choose Heavy Duty Auger Bits.
  • For fracturable rock, hard soil with rocks, and frozen ground choose Rock Auger Bits.

Inspect the replaceable teeth for wear regularly, especially the outside teeth that are used to cut a clean edge to the hole.