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Auger Bits & Teeth

Operators should regularly inspect the replaceable teeth for wear, especially the outside teeth that are used to cut a clean edge to the hole.
Bobcat® branded auger components have a proven reputation for durability and performance. When drilling holes, you should match your auger bit and teeth to your soil conditions for smooth and easy cut holes.

Planetary Auger Bits & Teeth

Choose Heavy Bits for drilling in hard ground, hardpan, shale, and asphalt.
Choose Rock Auger Bits for fracturable rock, hard soil with rocks, and frozen ground.
Size: Both types of planetary auger bits are 61.5" /  1.56 m Length, 2.5" / 6.3 cm hex drive hub, single flighting. Both come in a variety of widths.
Teeth and Pilots: Replaceable tap-in teeth and pilots are available.