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Pneumatic Tyres

Bobcat Severe Duty Tyres


When your jobsite demands an aggressive long-lasting tire, choose the Bobcat® severe duty tire. It’s designed to take on more rough treatment than conventional tyres, as well as provide superior self-cleaning characteristics.
The deep tread depth significantly increases the tyres’ service life, while reducing downtime due to cuts and punctures. Bobcat severe duty tyres are proven performers in construction, recycling, industrial, rental and other severe job applications.

  • High ply ratings to minimise flats
  • 44/32 inch tread depth: deep tread to maximize life
  • Strong sidewall protection against cuts and punctures


Bobcat Heavy Duty Tyres

Increase your protection against punctures and cracks with the extra sidewalls on Bobcat Heavy Duty Tyres. They feature bead guards to shield against punctures on the tyre tread. Combining superior quality, self-cleaning rubber and a higher ply rating, these tyres are ideal for long, rough applications including rental, construction, snow removal, buildings and grounds upkeep, landscaping, and industry.

  • Strong, durable tread compound resists chunking and separating
  • Bobcat 3-step tread design maximises traction with efficient self-cleaning when operating in wet conditions
  • Special rim guard offers great tyre and wheel protection
  • Better wear and resistance to flat


Bobcat Standard Duty Tyres

Designed for maximum traction and grip, the Bobcat Standard Duty centre lug provides extra traction. These tyres are created for long wear during normal machine-hour applications, such as agriculture, rental, landscaping, and general construction. The special rim guard and thick sidewalls provide outstanding protection against punctures. They are constructed with a superior blend of natural and synthetic rubber.

  • Durable tread compound prevents downtime and increases productivity
  • Durable ply ratings and thick side walls mean increased puncture resistance
  • Special rim guard for tyre and wheel protection


Bobcat Turf and Super Float Tyres

Maintain your lush lawn by using Bobcat Turf Tyres on your next job. While other tyres may dig into the turf and damage lawns, turf tyres are designed to minimise damage. Outfit your equipment with Bobcat Turf and Sand Tyres for excellent traction while minimising damage to lawns. This tyre performs exceptionally when your work needs to be extra careful of the ground, such as on golf courses, fine sandy soil, nurseries, and landscaping.

If your job requires extra flotation, check out Bobcat Super Float Tyres. They'll keep you moving in soft and wet conditions – any job where extra flotation is required: parks, cemeteries, golf courses, nurseries, beaches and compost yards. The super-wide tread and sidewalls are designed to perform in soft and wet soil conditions. At the recommended air pressure, these tyres provide 85% more footprint area than conventional tyres. Super Float tyres eliminate the need for an expensive and cumbersome track system.