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Solid Tyres

Bobcat Twin Flex Solid Tyres


Enjoy the durability of solid tyres with the feel of a pneumatic tyre provided by patented twin tear-drop holes. Designed to reduce vibration and increase driver comfort, the progressive design of the tear-drop holes maintains a circular shape under pressure to resist stress point cracking, and increases overall tyre life.

  • Deep traction tread design with self-cleaning step lugs
  • Excellent traction on dirt, sand, mud, and gravel
  • Two rows of tear-drop holes provide a softer ride
  • Made of the toughest, longest lasting tread compound available
  • Less bounce results in greater stability and control
  • No specialised equipment to install – just bolt them on
  • Orange and grey rims


Bobcat Smooth Flex Solid Tyres

Bobcat Smooth Flex tyres provide the extended wear life of a solid tyre along with the feel of a cushioned foam-filled pneumatic tyre. The Smooth Flex Solid tyre has a large ground-contact area providing for more even wear and better traction on dry concrete and asphalt surfaces.

  • Elliptical row of holes in the sidewall reduces load stress on the tyre and eliminates cracking
  • Made of toughest, longest-lasting tread compound available
  • Up to 3 times more wearable rubber than standard pneumatic tyres
  • Well suited for dry, hard compact surfaces

Bobcat Smooth Solid Tyres

Smooth solid tyres with no holes are suited for the most extreme conditions such as waste transfer stations, steel and aluminium plants, and recycling facilities. They are designed to provide superior performance in these severe applications. Durable, cut-resistant rubber material increases the life of the tyres.

  • No pressing needed - simply bolt them on.


Bobcat All Terrain Traction Solid Tyres

Bobcat's all terrain non-directional solid tyres eliminate tyre-related downtimes while providing traction. Non-directional tread allows the tyres to be changed to different sides of the machine, extending the life of the tyre. They are made with an advanced rubber compound created for greater resistance to cutting and chunking, providing a long service life.

  • No pressing needed - simply bolt them on
    • Well suited for dry, hard compact surface applications
    • Narrow base has higher point loading, which means less spinning
    • Wide base has more stability, more rubber
    • Both can be used interchangeably