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E165 Large Excavator / Performance Features

Powerful Hydraulics – Large Excavators

Powerful hydraulic, arm and bucket forces – with horsepower to spare – help you get the job done quickly and efficiently.

Arm and Bucket Force

14-16T Size Class Large Excavator Bucket Attachment Breaking Ground

Class-leading hydraulics provide reliable, steady power to the 14-16T size-class excavator work group, saving time with every digging cycle. When the going gets tough, the convenient power-boost button on the right-hand joystick temporarily increases hydraulic power, allowing you to break through hard ground.

Slew Torque

Bucket Excavator Attachment on 14-16T Size Class  Large Excavator Hauling Dirt Load

More slew torque means more power for slewing uphill, backfilling and all-around better productivity. Advanced hydraulics and powerful pumps deliver leading performance.

Leading Lifting Capacity

14-16T Size Class Large Excavator Lifting Material With Bucket Attachment

Made to deliver leading lifting capability, the large excavator offers a combination of tail swing and hydraulic power that enables you to lift more with greater confidence – so you can pick and place items with ease.

Fast Cycle Times

14-16T Size Class Large Excavator With Bucket Attachment Hauling Dirt

To deliver leading cycle times, two variable displacement axial piston pumps provide maximum speed, power and efficiency in even the most difficult digging conditions.