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Bobcat E145 Excavator

The turbo-charged Bobcat® E145 excavator offers a larger machine that’s ideal for roadways, railroad, bridges and infrastructure, commercial, and urban jobsites. The reduced tail swing allows for greater maneuverability in tight jobsites, so you can confidently work around obstacles or against walls.

Class-leading hydraulics provide reliable, steady power to the E145 work group, saving time with every digging cycle. More slewing torque means more power for slewing uphill, backfilling and all-around better productivity.

Bobcat 14-Ton E145 Excavator.

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E145 Excavator Features

Performance Features

Class-leading hydraulics provide reliable, steady power to the work group, saving time with every digging cycle.

Need a quick burst of extra power? The convenient power-boost button on the right-hand joystick temporarily increases hydraulic power, allowing you to break through hard ground.

Four selectable power modes let you set the performance level of your excavator to match the demands of the job – all from the comfort of your cab. Choose from Power+, Power, Standard Power or Economy modes.

More slew torque means more power for slewing uphill, backfilling and all-around better productivity. Advanced hydraulics and powerful pumps deliver leading performance.

While in digging work mode, SPC matches load to engine rpm, hydraulic pump torque and engine response, improving efficiency in any of the four power modes. Operators can activate it in digging work mode, and they can turn it off whenever necessary.

To deliver leading cycle times, two variable displacement axial piston pumps provide maximum speed, power and efficiency in even the most difficult digging conditions.

Made to deliver leading lifting capability, a combination of tail swing and hydraulic power enable you to lift more with greater confidence – so you can pick and place items with ease.

For improved digging stability and leveling ability on uneven surfaces, and to allow fast, easy backfilling, you can equip the excavator with an optional dozer blade.

The turbo-charged engine provides consistently high torque levels, regardless of the elevation you're working in with your excavator.

Variable Speed Control improves fuel efficiency by automatically reducing engine rpm during low workload requirements, such as the slew portion of a dig cycle.

Pump Torque Control prevents engine overload by matching the hydraulic demand with available engine horsepower.

Auto idle, a standard feature, idles the engine automatically when machine movement stops for several seconds. This allows you to save fuel and lower noise levels to improve your comfort and jobsite communications. When you move the joystick controls or initiate travel, the engine automatically returns to the previously set throttle position.

When turning, pushing and maneuvering, auto shift improves machine responsiveness and controllability by automatically shifting to low range when the load is high, and back to high range when the load diminishes. All you need to do is control speed and direction.

Get increased ground clearance and maneuverability when working in softer ground with the x-frame undercarriage. Its sloped surfaces shed debris to prevent material buildup and reduce the time you spend cleaning the undercarriage.

The reduced tail swing design allows for greater and enhanced maneuverability in tight jobsites, so you can confidently use the machine around obstacles or against walls.

The engine meets all of the latest Tier 4 emissions requirements without the need for a diesel particulate filter.

Comfort Features

The large cab provides superior visibility to the front and sides. An overhead window gives you great visibility above the machine. Narrow corner pillars and small window joints – as well as a removable lower-front window – provide a view that allows you to see the work comfortably, without obstruction or strain. Even the window wiper is mounted on the pillar – instead of on the glass surface. Front and top sun shades provide additional protection from eye strain while enhancing comfort.

Watch your surroundings and gain greater peace of mind via the convenient rear view and side view cameras.

The Bobcat reputation for comfort continues. The pressurized cab features a seamless sound-isolating seal to keep sound levels extremely low inside the operator station. Thorough sound isolation – down to individual components – reduces noise output outside the cab. Even the cabin frame and seat are designed to minimize vibration and maximize your comfort.

The heated air suspension seat is standard and offers a wide range of adjustment points to help any operator find optimal comfort. Individual adjustments can be made to the control stand, seat cushion, back recline, lumbar support, headrest and more.

A premium heating and air-conditioning system gives you impressive control over the cabin temperature. It functions similarly to many automotive systems. High-capacity vents enable fast, easy temperature adjustments for maximum comfort in extreme temperatures. Once you reach the desired temperature, the system senses and automatically adjusts to maintain a constant temperature setting. If you shut down the machine, the system returns to the previously set temperature when you restart.

An easy-to-read 7-inch LCD panel shows critical machine data, errors, warnings and the rear view camera display. It also has an automatic night view function for optimal visibility in low light conditions.

The excavator cab offers generous floor space, a wide entry/exit door, 180-degree swinging door and grab handles. For added comfort, a radio and antenna, CD player and MP3 player input, and 12V power port are all standard features.

Uptime Features

Drive motors are recessed within the track width, providing uptime protection from jobsite hazards.

To reduce operating costs and eliminate downtime, pin links are permanently sealed and never need lubrication.

Hard, wear-resistant wear plates at the attachment connecting pins eliminate side play for extended service intervals on your bucket pin-up points.

Every major pin point on the boom and arm is cast. Reinforced cast steel pin bosses provide extra strength for the tough working conditions you encounter in your job. Additionally, internal work-group gussets enhance the integrity of the boom and arm structures to maximize their service life.

The D-Channel design of the upper structure frame adds strength to better withstand side impacts and protect machine components.

The automatic belt tensioner maintains constant tension on the engine accessory belt, compensating for regular wear and maintaining the performance you demand.

The hydraulic oil cooler’s variable speed cooling fan adjusts its speed as required by the demands on your excavator. This maintains optimal temperature in severe working conditions while reducing noise and increasing efficiency in lighter-duty situations.

Your productivity depends on your excavator, and equipment is a common target for vandalism, misuse and even theft. A variety of features protect your investment, including an anti-theft protection password to reduce the chance of burglary or unauthorized use, lockable covers that protect machine components from vandalism and lockable fuel fill points to reduce the chance of diesel theft or contamination

Serviceability Features

Wide-open access covers provide plenty of room to reach the top side of the engine, while a hinged belly pan allows access from the bottom. Solid-steel side covers give you quick access to regular daily maintenance items for easy upkeep and more uptime.

Centralized grease banks are located on the base of the boom to make essential daily maintenance quick and easy.

You can track machine performance in real time and access historical machine alerts via the bright, easy-to-read LCD monitor.

Attachment Features

Match performance to the task using four work modes to tailor the excavator’s power: digging, lifting, breaker and shear.

The LCD allows operators to configure 10 different attachment presets: five for one-way hydraulic flow, and five more for two-way flow. Each preset can be used to optimize performance or match specific operational requirements of the attachment by limiting maximum pressure and setting the minimum or maximum flow rate.

A roller switch on the right joystick allows operators to control and vary the speed at which a two-way hydraulic attachment functions, making it easy to open or close a hydraulic clamp.