Bobcat Company has spent years building our brand and reputation. So when people call any old skid-steer loader by our name, they're not only wrong, they're doing a disservice to the brand that we've spent years building and you've invested in.

So please, help keep the brand strong by never using the Bobcat name as a generic term for skid-steer loaders. Only use the word “Bobcat” when referring to genuine Bobcat products. And only use our name as an adjective preceding the genuine Bobcat product you are referencing — like Bobcat skid-steer loader, Bobcat compact track loader or Bobcat mini-excavator. Doing so will ensure your Bobcat brand equipment retains the value you and the industry place on it.

Bobcat®, the Bobcat logo and the colors of the Bobcat machine are registered trademarks of Bobcat Company in the United States and various other countries. Use of the registered trademark is limited to Bobcat Company and authorized Bobcat equipment dealers.

Protecting the Bobcat Trademark

Protect the Brand for Our Customers

Like many owners of our equipment, Kurt Denchfield, owner of Denchfield Landscaping, has a stake in protecting the Bobcat brand name. “I want the Bobcat brand to be as tough as Bobcat machines,” he says. “The Bobcat brand has been vital in helping to build our business. Our customers know we’ve invested in the best.”

Protect the Brand for Our Employees

At Bobcat Company, our name is our reputation — a reputation employees have spent years helping us build. Bobcat employee Edward Juran put it best when he said, “Our innovation and our quality put our machines ahead of everybody else. And we're keeping ahead of them with all of our improvements. We're the leader, and all others are followers.”

Protect the Brand for Our Dealers

Our valued network of Bobcat dealerships also understands the value of keeping our brand name strong. “Without the Bobcat brand identity, our products are just a commodity,” says Simon Smith, Bobcat of Palm Beach. “The Bobcat name stands for best-in-class. Competitors would like nothing better than to equate their products to ours.”

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Bobcat Company is a member of the Doosan Group. Doosan is a global leader in construction, grounds maintenance and material handling equipment, power and water solutions, and engineering that has proudly served customers and communities for more than a century.

Bobcat®, the Bobcat logo, the colors of the Bobcat machine, and various other product names referenced on this website are trademarks of Bobcat Company in the United States and various other countries.

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