Diesel Forklifts 2 to 3.5t, 7 Series

Diesel Forklifts 2 to 3.5t, 7 Series

The 7-Series diesel forklift is designed for heavy applications with its high-powered yet eco-friendly engine, maintenance-free disc brakes, hydraulic control valves, OSS for operator safety, and emission regulation compliance. Whether loading stacks or packing racks, these trucks are guaranteed to impress.



Key Specifications
Rated Load Capacity
2000 kg
2500 kg
3000 kg
3250 kg
3500 kg
Rated Power of Engine
46/2200 kW/rpm
46/2200 kW/rpm
46/2200 kW/rpm
46/2200 kW/rpm
46/2200 kW/rpm
Travel Speed, Unloaded
22 km/h
22 km/h
21 km/h
21 km/h
21 km/h
Combustion Engine
Addition Data

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