Reach Truck 1.3 to 2.5t, 9 Series

Reach Truck 1.3 to 2.5t, 9 Series

Unlock exceptional performance with our 9-Series Reach Truck. Equipped with an advanced stability system this truck delivers stability and speed without compromising safety. The human-centered design eases the workload with easy get on and off, smooth steering, and unparalleled visibility, thanks to the patented fork camera system with color display and glass roof.



Key Specifications
Rated Load Capacity
1250 kg
1500 kg
1800 kg
2000 kg
2500 kg
Travel Speed, Unloaded
10.5 km/h
10.5 km/h
10.5 km/h
11.5 km/h
11.5 km/h
Lift Height
3300 mm
3300 mm
3300 mm
3000 mm
3000 mm
Wheels, Chassis
Basic Dimensions

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