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Safety Features – Mini Track Loaders

One operator and a Bobcat® mini track loader can be a very productive combination in many jobsite applications. Among the attributes that make the machine so valuable are several standard built-in safety features. They include:

Lift And Tilt Controls On Bobcat MT100 Mini Track Loader

Lift and Tilt Function Lockouts

The function lockouts deactivate the lift and tilt functions when the engine is off. A manual lift arm bypass control allows the lift arms to be lowered when the engine is off.

Tight Shot Of The MT100 Ride-On Platform And Continuous Flow Shutoff Pedal For The Attachment Shutdown System

Attachment Shutdown System

MT100 Only

Stepping off the continuous flow shutoff pedal disengages hydraulic flow to the attachment and stops any attachment motion. The pedal must be released to start the engine.

Tight Shot Of Operator Using MT55 Bobcat Mini Track Loader With Reverse-Travel Stop Panel

Reverse-Travel Stop Panel

MT55 Only

Push the panel, which is located on the back of the MT55, and the drive control will return to neutral, stopping the machine and preventing it from moving backward.

Neutral Start Interlock Controls Inside Bobcat MT100 Mini Track Loader

Neutral Start Interlocks

The engine will not start if the drive/steering control, lift arm control or the auxiliary hydraulic control lever are engaged.

Mini Track Loader Operator Using Parking Brake

Parking Brake

Use whenever the loader is stopped.

Tight Shot Of Mini Track Loader Lift-Arm Supports

Lift-Arm Supports

Prevent the lift arms from being lowered accidentally when servicing the loader with the lift arms raised.