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Telehandlers / TR38160 EVO Rotary Telescopic

Specifications & Options


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On stabilisers, with forks, 90°
On tires, with forks, non rotated
On stabilisers, with rotated manplatform, 90°
On stabilisers, with 800 kg rotated manplatform, 90º
On stabilisers, with winch, 90°
On stabilisers, with 2.5 m extended winch, 90°
  • Anti-theft immobiliser
  • Carriage with hydraulic attachment lock (Compulsory w/count plate)
  • Centering handler ready (Not compatible w/ hydraulic attachment lock)
  • Custom colours (more than one colour)
  • Custom colour (one colour)
  • Cold start (engine water heater)
  • Cold weather pre-arrangement
  • LED Light on boom head
  • Positive/negative jib ready (Not compatible w/remote control)
  • Protective grill for windshield (front and roof)
  • Remote control
  • Roof mounted work LED lights. Rear of cab (qty=2)
  • Set of 400/70R20" tyres
  • Spare heavy duty wheel 20 in
  • Spare wheel 20 in
Lifting height — on stabilisers
15,700 mm
Lifting height — on tyres
13,800 mm
Rated capacity
3,800 kg
Capacity (at max. height on stabilisers)
2,000 kg
Capacity (at max. height on tyres)
600 kg
Capacity (at max. reach on stabilisers)
300 kg
Capacity (at max. reach on tyres)
300 kg
Max. reach on stabilisers
13,350 mm
Max. reach on tyres
8,100 mm
Weight (unladen)
13,700 kg
Standard tyres
400/70x20 inch
1st gear / low range
10 km/h
2nd gear / high range
26 km/h
22 °
Hydrostatic with variable load sensing pump
Main drive
Servo-controlled 2-speed
Make / Model
Kubota / V38000DI-T-E3B
Rated power (DIN 6271) at 1900 RPM:
99.2 HP
Rated power (DIN 6271) at 1900 RPM:
74 kW
Maximum torque at 1500 RPM:
320 Nm
Number of cylinders
3.7 L
Pump type
Gear pump
Working pressure
230 bar
Pump capacity
110 L/min
Relief valve pressure setting
230 bar
Telescope in time at max. reach - no load
34.2 s
Telescope out time at max. reach - no load
21.9 s
Engine braking
Parking and emergency brake
Negative brake with electro control on rear axle
Engine oil
13.2 L
Fuel tank
180 L
Hydraulic reservoir
170 L
Operator noise level (LpA) (EN 12053)
103 dB(A)
Whole body vibration (ISO 2631-1)
1.5 ms-2
Hand-arm vibration (ISO 5349–1)
4.5 ms-2
Overall length (with forks)
7,699 mm
Overall length (fork frame)
6,575 mm
Overall length (without attachment carriage)
6,290 mm
Overall length (without attachment)
5,116 mm
Overall height
3,000 mm
Carriage rotation angle
130 °
Height to back of the machine
2,380 mm
Ground clearance
510 mm
Front axle to front carriage
2,430 mm
2,950 mm
Rear axle to back of machine
1,175 mm
Operator cab outside width
980 mm
Track width (front & rear)
1,920 mm
Width over standard tyres
2,380 mm
External turning radius (with forks)
5,265 mm
External turning radius (at lifted stabilisers with blocks flipped over)
4,750 mm
External turning radius (at tyres)
4,430 mm
Internal turning radius
1,700 mm
Width with stabilisers down
3,968 mm

Certain specification(s) are based on engineering calculations and are not actual measurements. Specification(s) are provided for comparison purposes only and are subject to change without notice. Specification(s) for your individual Bobcat equipment will vary based on normal variations in design, manufacturing, operating conditions, and other factors.