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Mowers / Comfort Features

Zero-Turn Mower Comfort Command Center

Comfort and control that puts you in the driver's seat.

Experience ride comfort and intuitive operation like never before. The comfort command center optimizes the zero-turn mowing experience by putting responsive, ergonomically designed controls right where you need them – at your fingertips. When tackling tough jobs, the comfortable suspension seating and innovative anti-vibration technology will give you hours of unmatched ride comfort.

Experience the Comfort Command Center

Experience the Comfort Command Center
Complete Control

Controls That Form to You

Ergonomic, almond-shaped handle grips, adjustable controls and foot-assist deck lever are all intuitively located right where you need them – within arm’s reach – for total ease of operation.

Ultimate Seat Suspension

All-Day Ride Comfort With Suspension Seating

Designed to keep you mowing comfortably all day long, our command center-style seating features a mechanical bucket seat with weight dial and armrests. The overall design snugs against your form to keep you secure in the driver’s seat. For the deluxe experience, the ZT7000 [link to product page] zero-turn mower includes additional high-density foam arm rests, extra lumbar support and innovative anti-vibration footplate technology.

Adjustable Control Levers

Controls That Adapt to You

Elevate the mowing experience with adjustable command center controls* and levers that can be positioned right where you need them for intuitive operation.

*Available on the ZT6000, ZT61000 and ZT7000.
Anti-Vibration Footplate

Innovative Anti-Vibration Technology

Anti-vibration footplate* technology reduces shock loads so all-day mowing isn’t as hard on your body.

*Available on the ZT7000 and ZS4000
Deck Lift Assist

Deck Height Adjustments Made Easy

A deck height selector with left/right interchangeable quick-lift assist foot pedal lets you make deck adjustments on the fly – right from the comfort of your seat.