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Safety & Training

Planer Operator Training

The Bobcat® planer attachment operator training course imparts rules and practices for safe operation. It is NOT designed to license or certify operators as skilled or factory authorized operators.

Kit Overview

Operator training course for Bobcat planer attachments.

The kit includes:

  • Five handbooks
  • Five course attendance certificates
  • Administrator’s guide

Course Handbook Sample

Operator training course for Bobcat planer attachments.

View an excerpt of the planer attachment operator training handbook.

Video Sample

Preview of planer attachment operator training course.

Get a preview of the video content in the planer attachment operator training course.


The course will teach trainees:

  • The importance of reading and following all instructions and workplace rules.
  • The importance of properly attaching and removing the planer from the loader.
  • The planer's components and safety features.
  • The importance of daily planer inspections and periodic maintenance.
  • How to assess a job site before milling.
  • How to get on and off the loader and planer safely.
  • The fundamentals of safely maneuvering and operating a planer.
  • The proper methods for transporting a loader.
  • Various types of milling applications an operator might encounter.


  1. Introduction
    1. Introduce Scope and Content
    2. Discuss Objectives
    3. Introduce Video
  2. Video Presentation
    1. Safety Messages
    2. Understanding Milling
    3. Attaching the Planer
    4. Before You Begin
    5. Components and Controls
    6. Basic Operation
    7. Common Applications
    8. Planer Performance
    9. Transporting the Planer
    10. Maintenance Checks
  3. Group Exercise One: Identifying Components
  4. Group Exercise Two: Attaching and Operating the Planer
    1. Discuss — Before You Begin
    2. Demonstrate — Attaching the Planer
    3. Demonstrate — Basic Operations
    4. Hands-On — Attaching and Basic Operation Skills
  5. Group Exercise Three: Applications, Performance and Maintenance
    1. Discuss — Planer Applications
    2. Discuss — Planer Performance Issues
    3. Discuss — Planer Maintenance Issues
    4. Demonstrate — Changing/Replacing Carbide Bits
    5. Discuss — Available Drums, Bits and Other Planer Attachments
  6. Review/Discussion Session
  7. Attendance Acknowledgement
    1. Registration Cards
    2. Hand Out Attendance Certificates