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Utility Products / Versatility Features

M.A.X. Attachment System – Utility Vehicles

The standard Multi-Attachment X-Change™ (M.A.X.) system on the Bobcat® 3650 utility vehicle gives you the ability to complete dozens of routine tasks and face unique challenges. With a lift height of 2 ft. and a capacity of 500 lb., the 3650 can operate several attachments. Fast and easy mounting means you'll spend less time on attachment changes and more time working.

Utility vehicle attachments are made to the same high quality standards you’d expect from other Bobcat machines. With strong components and construction, nothing about them is light duty.

Operate and position attachments with the Bobcat joystick control – all from the comfort of the operator area. As you transition between tasks, simply line up the utility vehicle and position the attachment. The only reason to leave your seat is to lock the attachment and hook up the standard auxiliary hydraulics.

A Bobcat 3650 utility vehicle with snowblower attachment clears snow on a mountain road.

Independent Engine Throttle

When you can control the engine speed independently from your travel speed, your attachment productivity soars. Operate high-rpm attachments like the snowblower, mower or angle broom while maintaining required low travel speeds. Also benefit from this feature when high torque is needed for heavy loads.

Auxiliary Hydraulics

Auxiliary hydraulics on the 3650, combined with the optional angle kit, help you control the angle of a snow blade, angle broom, or snowblower chute. This helps you clear large areas of snow or debris more efficiently.

A Bobcat 3650 utility vehicle with mower attachment mows grass in the fall.
A Bobcat 3650 utility vehicle with snow blade attachment plows a path on a wooded road.
An angle broom attachment on the Bobcat 3650 utility vehicle is used to sweep leaves on a paved path.
A Bobcat 3650 utility vehicle with grapple attachment carries a load of firewood.

Stow It and Go

For travel, simply remove the arm and mechanism. It's a one-person job that takes just minutes and requires no tools. Securely store the cylinders on the utility vehicle without removing hydraulic lines.

Attachment Mechanism Float Feature

When you need an attachment to follow the contour of the ground, activate float using the included, easy-to-use switch.

A Bobcat 3650 utiilty vehicle with pallet fork attachment lifts a pallet of pavers from a storage rack.