Compact Excavator / Performance Features

Arm Configurations

Bobcat offers you different compact excavator arm configurations on certain models. If you want more reach and dig depth, you might want to consider excavator models with long-arm and extendable arm options.

Standard Power Arm

Bobcat compact excavator (mini excavator) with standard arm.

If your priorities include digging performance, the standard arm is ideal. It gives you maximum breakout force.

Long Arm

Bobcat compact excavator (mini excavator) with long arm.

If you need more reach and dig depth, equip your machine with the optional long arm (available on certain models).

The longer dipper arm reaches farther from one spot to do more work without repositioning the machine. The extra reach, combined with a higher dump height, also makes loading trucks faster and easier.

The long arm option includes additional counterweight that enhances the excavator’s lifting capabilities.

Extended Arm

Bobcat compact excavator (mini excavator) with extendable arm.

If you need even more reach, Bobcat offers the first and only clamp-ready extendable arm option for select compact excavators. It offers the best of both worlds: power and lifting performance, combined with the ability to extend the machine's dig depth and reach when you need it.

It delivers up to 30 inches of reach at full extension (compared to standard arms), so you can reach farther with less repositioning. Dump spoil further away from the excavator and reach further back into the trench for cleanout purposes. Loading trucks is easier, too, because the extendable arm allows you to place material more efficiently into the truck without moving the excavator. Review all of the extendable arm benefits.