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In addition to helping you evaluate performance and costs, Bobcat® instrumentation systems can identify opportunities to improve machine and operator efficiencies while protecting your investment.

Bobcat compact excavator (mini excavator) standard instrument panel.

Standard Panel

The instrumentation system is designed for enhanced functionality and improved ergonomics. The forward-mount instrument panel allows for improved joystick switch ergonomics and improved operator comfort, making it easy to quickly glance at the LCD screen. The panel location aligns with existing cab components and work group structures to maintain visibility to your attachment. The functions, aesthetics and visibility are similar to Bobcat loaders. Keyless start is also available for excavators with the standard model panel.

Forward-mounted instrumentation features include:

  • Visible, easy-to-read information: Monitor fuel level, coolant temperature, hydraulics and more.
  • Improved auxiliary logic: The auxiliary hydraulic paddle switch is live when the console is in the lowered position, eliminating the need to activate the auxiliary hydraulic mode switch.
  • Joystick switches: The improved paddle profile makes operation more comfortable over extended time. Reduced spring pressure on paddle switches enhances controllability and comfort, while the auxiliary detent switch profile improves functionality.


Optional Deluxe Instrumentation Panel

The optional deluxe instrumentation panel offers multiple capabilities from analyzing user statistics to integrated attachment controls, vitals and diagnostics. The 5-inch, full-color LCD screen enables monitoring and interaction of multiple functions and visibility to several features:

  • Integrated keyless start system that provides for one assignable owner code, and up to eight operator codes
  • Coolant temperature, day/time, throttle position and engine RPM * Annual or hourly fuel consumption * Individual fuel usage and real-time fuel consumption as well as idle-time data
  • Multi-lingual functionality with seven language options
  • Eco-mode for up to 8 percent in fuel cost savings
  • Ability to customize auto-idle delay to suit operator preference (choose from between 4 and 250 seconds)
  • Attachment-specific operation tips to optimize productivity and versatility
  • Enhanced engine and hydraulic system information to simplify checks of machine status
  • Service interval reminders


Bobcat compact excavator (mini excavator) with optional deluxe instrument panel.
Bobcat compact excavator (mini excavator) standard instrument panel.

Machine Access Options

The instrumentation panel provides flexible options that can increase equipment security. Owners and operators now have three choices for keying the machine:

  1. Standard panel with key
  2. Standard panel with keypad for keyless start, which includes provisions for one programmable owner code
  3. Deluxe instrumentation panel with integrated keyless start, which includes provisions for one owner code and up to eight user codes

Your Bobcat dealer can also cost-effectively upgrade keyed machines to a keyless start system. Tailor the access method to your operation and support your company’s goals for theft protection.

Compare Brands

There’s a huge difference between published specs and real-world testing. Bobcat Advantage® puts the industry’s top compact equipment brands in tough challenges to show you the differences. Objective tests and competitive comparisons measure up Bobcat®, Caterpillar®, John Deere®, and Kubota® machines.

Smarter Instrumentation

Quick access to vital machine information during operation is critical. Bobcat® compact (mini) excavators with the optional Deluxe Instrumentation panel put key functions at your fingertips.It’s also the industry’s only keyless start system, which includes up to eight programmable operator passwords.Caterpillar®, John Deere®, and Kubota® have some helpful features on their display systems, but only Bobcat provides the industry’s smartest instrumentation. Watch the test to see for yourself.