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Unmatched Compact Excavator Comfort


Stay comfortable during long days on the job. When your compact excavator (also known as a mini excavator) is quieter, set at your preferred temperature and easy to operate, you'll be more attentive and productive. M-Series models continue the Bobcat® tradition of comfortable, operator-focused compact excavators. The new M-Series reduce sound levels by more than 50%, helping you stay productive longer.

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Bobcat M-Series Compact Excavators (Mini Excavator) Comfort

Quieter Operation

Enjoy lower noise and vibration levels from the redesigned engine, air intake, cooling and exhaust systems, combined with the new pump and valve design. The quieter machine leads to more comfort and less fatigue.

Auto Idle (all M-Series models) lowers noise levels further when you pause your work. When machine functions are not used for more than four seconds, the engine automatically idles. The previous throttle position resumes when you move the joystick or engage a travel function. It's helpful when you need a quick break or communicate on the jobsite. See how Auto Idle provides quieter, efficient operation.

Auto-Shift (available on E26 through E55 M-Series models) simplifies your travel. It automatically shifts the travel motors to and from high range with no manual shifting. Simply select the travel range and go. A directional lug track provides a smoother ride and less vibration. It's valuable as you move to different jobsites throughout the day. Learn how Auto-Shift offers superb travel performance.

Bobcat excavators travel faster than other brands. See for yourself in the Bobcat Advantage Travel Challenge video.

Improved Air Movement

M-Series compact excavators (also known as mini excavators) have an improved climate control system with air movement, more vents and greater flexibility in directing air. The system has a wider range of temperature control and provides comfort in extreme weather conditions.

Bobcat Advantage Videos

In this video comparison, see how the Bobcat cab opening is larger and has fewer obstructions than other excavator cabs.

Adjustable Arm Rests

Adjust the arm rests for maximum comfort.

Ergonomic Travel Pedals

On all M-Series models, you can control travel speeds with more comfort and precision. The Bobcat E32 and E35 feature fold-up pedals for optimum foot room.

Super Deluxe Seat

A standard feature, the super deluxe seat offers suspension, lumbar support and limitless adaptability for every operator; adjust the seat position and angle or position the joysticks exactly where you need them. Many automobiles can't match the comfort.

Precise Engine Speed Adjustments

Throttle adjustments are made with an easy-to-use rotary knob. It provides precise control and adjusts easier than a lever.

Easy Floor Cleaning

Floor cleaning is easy with a mat that minimizes debris-trapping pockets and openings. Because the mat is flush with the door threshold, you'll finish quickly.

Convenient Storage

Carry your gear in the storage bins, keep your favorite beverage in the large cupholder, and power your cell phone or other devices.

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