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New M-Series
Compact Excavators
New M-Series
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Tier 4

Panoramic Serviceability

Bobcat makes it easy to find and reach your engine checkpoints—so daily maintenance actually gets done every day. Comparing our service access to other excavators is like comparing a 60 in. plasma to a 15 in. black-and-white TV. The swing-open tailgate and side access hood provide excellent access to the engine and pump package, valve bank, cooling system and associated plumbing. A centralized grease bank makes easy work of lubricating the slew bearing, slew pinion and swing cylinder. Track tensioning is performed via an easy-to-reach, well protected grease cylinder fitting. What does panoramic serviceability mean? Preventative maintenance gets completed, reducing operating costs and improving your bottom line.

Explore Side Access

Side Access

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Explore Tailgate Access

Tailgate Access

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Time is money. Routine maintenance is an important factor in controlling operating costs. With Bobcat® excavators, filters, fluid, and daily maintenance checkpoints are right at your fingertips. Shop time is spent completing the job, not gaining access.