Genuine Bobcat Filters

If your filter lasts forever, it means it's not filtering! Contaminants are the enemy of your equipment’s internal systems. Poor filtration can allow contaminants to enter your internal systems causing vital parts failure and expensive repairs. Protect your investment with Bobcat quality filters that are specifically designed to provide the most sophisticated protection.

Bobcat Oil Filters

Filters often look plain on the outside, until you go beneath the surface. Let’s understand what the Bobcat filter is doing on the inside. Contaminants are the enemy of your equipment’s internal systems. Poor filtration can allow contaminants to enter your internal systems causing vital parts failure and expensive repairs. Protect your investment in Bobcat equipment with Bobcat quality filters specifically designed to provide the most sophisticated protection.

Filter components:

  • Canister: thick, heavy-duty, coated shell prevents the filter from collapsing under pressure or fatigue
  • Spring: presses the filter snugly into the end cap
  • Media: fibres in the media act as a mesh screen to block particles, while at the same time allowing the oil to pass through easily
  • End Cap: uses plastisol sealant to hold the media deeply embedded in the end caps
  • Anti-Drain Back Seal: wide, one-piece seal prevents leaks and dirty oil draining back into the pan
  • Base Plate: seams are fully tucked and attach the base plate to the canister for strength and durability
  • Inlet Hole: greater number and large inlet holes broaden the oil flow into the filter
  • Base Gasket: smooth and flexible to maintain a tight seal

Bobcat Air Filters

While it only takes a few grams of dust invading your engine to cause serious damage, you can rely on Bobcat original air filters to protect your equipment. Bobcat replacement filters and filter gaskets are precision engineered to meet your machine’s original specifications with a perfect fit. Replacement engine air filters often look the same on the outside… until you go beneath the surface.

  • Cellulose media is resin-treated and corrugated to maximum depth for a greatly increased air filtering surface and precise channels for better airflow.
  • Evenly-spaced pleats and radial seal design for optimum contaminant-holding capacity.
  • Closed-end urethane design prevents the possibility of moisture-related rusting throughout the life of the air filter.
  • Bobcat air filters have been tested in temperatures of -40° to 180° C without failure or leaking, as well as tested for thousands of hours in on- and off-highway applications with flawless performance.
  • Easy to install. Allows hassle-free service to get vehicles back into operation quickly.

Bobcat Fuel Filters

Today’s higher performance/lower-emission diesel engines thrive on Bobcat original fuel filters for cleaner fuel and water separation. The treated media traps harmful particles and provides effective water separation via the Twist ‘n Drain valve. Let’s compare the difference between genuine Bobcat filters and "Maybe OK" aftermarket filters.

  • Durable, thicker metal filter housing to prevent failure under pressure.
  • Treated media traps larger dirt particles and other contaminants on the surface while smaller particles are embedded in the underlying layer.
  • Filter media is uniformly pleated and up to 40% thicker than competitive brands.
  • Filter media is securely sealed into metal end-caps with plastisol.
  • Heavy-duty coil spring to maintain the media cartridge seal under pressure.
  • The louvered inner liner allows maximum fuel flow to the engine.

Bobcat Hydraulic Filters

In the dust and dirt, it takes superior hydraulic fluid filtration to keep your Bobcat digging, lifting, and pushing through. Bobcat offers the highest-rated hydraulic filters available in a spin-on configuration.

  • Pleated media to maximize contaminant holding capacity for a longer filter life
  • Spin-on design reduces contamination risk and is easy to service
  • Spiral centre tube provides greater flow area with higher collapse strength
  • Heavy-duty metal housing for superior durability and protection
  • Hot-melt spacing and wire backing for optimum use even during cold start-up and flow
  • Synthetic filter media helps extend service life by protecting your machine from contaminates.

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