Bobcat Patents

The links below identify United States patents that are owned or licensed by Bobcat Company that cover various Bobcat products. To find a list of patents that cover a specific Bobcat product, click the link below for that product.

Loader X-Change Mounting Frame
48" Angle Broom (Loaders)
68" Angle Broom (Loaders)
84" Angle Broom
84" Angle Broom (VersaHandler)
15C Auger Drive Unit
15H Auger Drive Unit
30C Auger Drive Unit
30H Auger Drive Unit
Bob-Tach Mounted Backhoe
Frost & Rock Ripper (X-Change Mount)
X-Change Backhoe Buckets
HB 680 Hydraulic Breaker
HB 880 Hydraulic Breaker
HB 980 Hydraulic Breaker
HB 1180 Hydraulic Breaker
HB 1380 Hydraulic Breaker
RC 60S Brushcat Rotary Cutter
RC 60H Brushcat Rotary Cutter
RC 72S Brushcat Rotary Cutter
RC 72H Brushcat Rotary Cutter
RC 72X Brushcat Rotary Cutter
Loader Const/Ind Buckets
Loader Low-Profile Buckets
Bucket Spill Guard (Standard)
Bucket Spill Guard (Severe Duty)
Excavator X-Change Buckets (Class III)
Excavator X-Change Buckets (Class IV)
Concrete Mixer
Concrete Pump
68" 6-Way Dozer Blade
80" 6-Way Dozer Blade
90" 6-Way Dozer Blade
96" 6-Way Dozer Blade
Drop Hammer
FC 200 Flail Cutter
108" Grader