Lighting Systems

Explore Bobcat's extensive range of lighting solutions, engineered to generate daylight for night operations. Bobcat offers cutting-edge options, from metal halide to energy-efficient LED, providing over 200 hours of illumination while maintaining impressively low fuel consumption. With Bobcat's lighting systems, you're equipped for enhanced visibility and adaptable lighting, no matter the application.

PL40 Light Tower PL40 Light Tower
PL40 Light Tower

Bobcat's PL40 light tower is a compact powerhouse boasting 1200 watts of LED brilliance. Packed with vital safety features, it's your go-to solution to illuminate the jobsite with both efficiency and safety in mind.

PL50 Light Tower PL50 Light Tower
PL50 Light Tower

Bobcat's PL50 light tower is a highly efficient and reliable package designed with excellent ground clearance to tackle any site conditions.

PL51 Light Tower PL51 Light Tower
PL51 Light Tower

Bobcat's PL51 light tower is your compact, reliable, and power-packed solution with superior ground clearance. Elevate efficiency with exceptional fuel economy for extended operations.