Trailering Your Mini Excavator

Getting your compact excavator on a trailer may seem simple, but in reality, there’s a lot to learn before loading equipment. In this video, you’ll discover the correct way to load your mini excavator on a trailer, so you can get to your next job safely and legally.

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E17z Mini Excavator E17z Mini Excavator

E17z Mini Excavator

With the Bobcat E17z mini excavator's 320° rotation range & fast hydraulic performance, you can handle big jobs in tiny spaces.

13.9 hp
Operating Weight
1749 kg
Dig Depth
2249 mm

E20z Mini Excavator E20z Mini Excavator

E20z Mini Excavator

Thanks to the Bobcat E20z's retractable undercarriage, you can squeeze down to 98cm or expand up to 136cm to customize your performance.

13.9 hp
Operating Weight
1953 kg
Dig Depth
2565 mm

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