Electric Forklifts 1.5 to 2t, 3 Wheel – 7 Series Plus

Electric Forklifts 1.5 to 2t, 3 Wheel – 7 Series Plus

The 7-Series Plus 1.5-2t 3-wheel electric counterbalance forklifts are Bobcat's upgraded models with increased power and performance. With advanced features like electric foot brake, mast shaking, drive speed control, improved seats, and extended maintenance intervals, these machines combine productivity with a low total cost of ownership.



Key Specifications
Rated Load Capacity
1500 kg
1750 kg
2000 kg
Load Center
500 mm
500 mm
500 mm
Travel Speed, Unloaded
17 km/h
17 km/h
17 km/h
Power Train

1 Optional: cushion Tires_18 x 7 - 12.12
2 Optional: cushion Tires_15 x 6 - 11.25
3 If operator using a BS Type Battery (608mm length/ 575, 630, 690AH/5h capacity), special accessory (stopper) should be chosen.
4 If operator using a DIN Type Battery (842mm width), Special accessory (bracket) should be chosen.

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