New Version of Bobcat S450 Skid-Steer Loader for MEA

Posted: 19 October 2023

Bobcat has launched an enhanced version of the company’s market-leading S450 M-Series skid-steer loader for the Middle East and Africa (MEA), offering a new control option for the first time in this model. The updated S450 model also comes with the proven 2.4 litre mechanical engine already in use in the larger Bobcat S510 and S530 models in MEA instead of the original 2.2 litre engine.

Undisputed Leader in Its Own Class

The new S450 builds on Bobcat’s well proven track record for very reliable equipment and maximum uptime. This gives customers in construction, rental, agriculture and general industry in MEA the confidence and peace of mind to always carry out their work in a timely and productive manner. This dependability helps to explain why Bobcat continues to sell an average of well over one thousand S450 machines every year in the MEA markets.      

Gaby Rhayem, Regional Director for Middle East and Africa at Bobcat, said: “The new S450 is designed to further strengthen its unrivalled Number One position in its own class and in the MEA compact loader market overall, where the company has a market share of over 50%, reaching as high as 80% in some MEA countries. As well as being the most popular skid-steer loader in the region, the S450 is far and away the most reliable and as a result has the highest resale value on the market. A used S450 with 4 years/4000 h on the clock will typically sell for 60% of the original price, representing an unbeatable return on investment for our customers.“

New Control Option on the S450 

The updated S450 model now offers a Joystick Controls option for the first time in the standard cab version of the machine. The S450 is therefore the first skid-steer loader of its type on the market to offer the following choice of controls:

  • Hand and Foot Controls (standard cab/standard seat)
  • Joystick Controls - NEW option (standard cab/standard seat)

The manual (Hand and Foot) controls remain as standard for the base model, and are available for any type of cab, without adjusting the levers and foot pedals. 

The Joystick Controls are now available for the standard cab only, without adjusting the joysticks and not connected to the standard seat. 

The Joystick Controls generally allow new or younger generation operators to learn to operate the control patterns more quickly, and they find them easier to handle than traditional manual controls. There is a choice of either ISO or H-Pattern control patterns:

  1. ISO – one hand for driving and the other hand to control the work group.
  2. H-Pattern – partly mirrors the manual controls, driving with both hands.

Joystick Controls also help experienced operators work longer thanks to the lower effort needed to use them. In addition, with the flip of a switch, operators have more flexibility, with additional functions at their fingertips, including these features:

  • 2-speed operation - the availability of the higher speed improves productivity by reducing the time and fuel consumption to do the same task.
  • Remote control ready - allows a Radio Remote Control or Wi-Fi Max Control device to be installed in minutes to remotely operate the machine from a safe distance. The user should check for approval for use in their region/country.
  • Horsepower management - this function prevents the engine from stalling when overloaded.

Bucket Position Option for Standard Cab Version 

Another novel option for MEA in the new S450 is the availability of the Bucket Position option in the standard cab version. This option keeps the bucket and other attachments such as pallet forks levelled in the same position. The system functions only during the upward lift cycle. 

Bobcat also offers the option of air conditioning in the cab in the new S450, a unique feature in this size of machine in MEA. 

Versatile Duty Tyres

To better optimise tyres for applications, and to improve running costs, Bobcat offers a full range of tyres for the S450, including the option of Versatile Duty Tyres for the first time in this model. With their bi-directional design, Versatile Duty Tyres can be used on most common mixed surfaces, improving lifetime significantly.


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