Upgrade Your Machine

Sometimes, we all want to add a specific functionality or a personal touch to the machine. A comprehensive list of options exists for Bobcat equipment. Start customizing your machine to your heart’s content!

Do you plan to use various Bobcat attachments? You may need to equip your loader with the Attachment Control Kit. Do you need to protect your machine from damage during especially harsh operations? Check out the various protective kits.

The kits can be sorted into several categories such as Comfort, Electrical, Protection, Special Applications, Attachments related and more. There are almost as many optional kits available for Bobcat machines as there are different jobs and applications these machines can handle.

Consult your dealer for more information about the optional kits offer.
Safety Kits icon

Safety Kits

As safety is our number one priority, we have a selection of kits to enhance operator safety on the job site, or while performing maintenance operations.

Light Kits icon

Light Kits

Working safely early in the morning, in twilight or darkness requires quality lighting. Our Beacon LED kit will make you visible to others and you will get additional light output thanks to the Boom Light LED kit. If you are operating on a henhouse with poultry, the blue light kit will not disturb chickens.

Attachment Kits icon

Attachment Kits

Different carriages will be available for your machines as field kits. Quicktach, Manitach – and especially the Bob-Tach carriages, available with manual or hydraulic lock, will make this model the most versatile Super compact telehandler in the market. Your customers will be able to benefit from the Skid steer attachments range, allowing them to work in many different applications.

Comfort Kits icon

Comfort Kits

Looking for a way to improve operator's comfort and productivity? Look no further than our selection of comfort kits!

Our comfort kits include a variety of optional components and features designed to make operating your machine even easier and more comfortable than ever before. From high-back seats with adjustable lumbar support to air conditioning, additional sound isolation, and ergonomic controls, our comfort kits offer everything you need to create a more pleasant working environment for your operators.

Please contact your dealer to get to know more about compatibility and further possibilities, which will bring your machine to the next level.