When might renting a machine be beneficial?

An icon showing a black Bobcat machine with a white star in a red circle, representing a rental model.

Your machine has broken down. To ensure you don't lose business, renting can keep you up and running until your machine is fixed.

A black and white icon featuring the Bobcat logo with a white plus sign inside a red circle.

You've landed a great new contract, but your fleet is stretched thin. Increase your capacity with a rental machine and complete the job on time.

A black and white icon featuring a Bobcat telehandler with a man platform, and a white handshake symbol inside a red circle.

A special job has come up that requires a machine you don't own. Don't miss out on this opportunity; expand your capabilities with a rented machine. Maybe you’ll even decide to keep it.

A black and white icon featuring a Bobcat excavator with a white key symbol inside a red circle.

Have you decided to improve your garden and create a fun pool for your kids this summer? The mighty mini excavator will make your job easy and fast!

Benefits of Renting

Why rent with Bobcat?

Versatile Attachments

Bobcat offers a wide range of attachments that can be easily combined with your machine, enabling it to tackle various tasks. Whether it's snow removal, landscaping, or warehouse logistics, Bobcat attachments can handle any job efficiently.

Two male operators are hard at work in a dusty field, utilizing Bobcat's E26 excavator with a Tilt Bucket attachment and the T450 telehandler with a Soil Conditioner attachment.

Durable Construction

Bobcat machines are built for durability, featuring protective cages for operator safety and robust construction to withstand tough job site conditions. This ensures reliable performance and maximizes the return on investment.

An outdoor, action shot of Bobcat's S550 with a male operator moving rubble using a bucket attachment.

Compact Design, Powerful Performance

Bobcat machines are compact yet powerful, making them ideal for construction and contracting projects where space is limited. Their small size allows them to access tight areas that larger machines can't reach, enhancing job site efficiency.

Bobcat's E10e exits doorway and enters yard, with male operator expertly maneuvering the machine down the ramp.

Versatility Means More Opportunities

With Bobcat's versatility and wide range of attachments, you can take on almost any job imaginable. This means you don't have to turn down smaller projects and can maximize your earning potential.

Aerial view of Bobcat's TL25.60 telehandler, showcased in a gravel lot surrounded by various attachments.

Cost-Effective Solutions

Renting a Bobcat machine saves money by eliminating the need for multiple machines for different tasks. With one versatile machine that can handle multiple jobs, you can reduce equipment expenses, and increase profitability on every project.

A male operator operates a Bobcat L95 compact wheel loader equipped with a snowblower attachment as it clears a snow-covered area.

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