Light compaction equipment

Bobcat Reversible Plates – Reliable Performer

Agile productivity

Equipped with hydrostatic steering control, reversible plates enable quick directional changes and compaction in tight spaces. With simple controls, high accuracy, and among the fastest in its class, this machine packs a surprising punch.

reversible plates

Reversible Plates Applications

A small machine tackling big challenges. Bobcat reversible plates are exceptionally versatile machines thanks to their high productivity and small size. It’s not the size after all. It’s how many ways you can use it.

  • Earthwork and paving
  • Road and rail construction
  • Working in narrow spaces, trenches and confined areas
  • Landscaping and gardening
  • Foundation work
  • Asphalt (with optional water sprinkler)
  • Sensitive surfaces (with optional rubber mat for stone protection)

Bobcat Light Compaction Equipment In Action


Designed for Productivity

Twin-shaft vibratory system, combined with a well-balanced base plate, deliver evenly distributed compaction power at industry-leading working speeds.

Precise and Nimble

Limited access is access enough. Hydrostatic forward and reverse steering enables quick directional changes and deliver outstanding maneuverability.

Maximum Compaction Output

Thanks to the twin-shaft vibratory system, the machine floats above the terrain to provide maximum compaction output. The design of this vibratory system also allows for ‘on-thespot’ compaction for challenging grounds. Together with the hydrostatic steering concept, the machine is perfect for delivering quick results, even in confined areas.

Ergonomic Solution

The design of the handle ensures both intuitive machine operation and reduced hand-arm vibration. Thanks to the advanced suspended technology, the hand-arm vibration is so low it doesn’t require additional documentation on the job site. The open grip protects against incorrect lifting and also makes maneuvering simple, while its foldable design gets the handle out of the way during transport and storage.

Effortless Start

To ensure productivity, the machine must be available on demand. Get the plate up and running with ease thanks to 2 starting systems: the electric start sets you up in seconds, while a securely stored hand-crack is available as a backup.

Easy to Transport

Bobcat reversible plates feature conveniently placed tie‑down points and a central hook, securely integrated into the machine’s frame. This makes lifting and transport easy and fast and meets European Rental Association guidelines
Full Light Compaction Range


A range of 7 families and 37 models includes state of the art technologies that allow maximum performance, while not compromising on comfort, safety and simplicity of use.