Daily Inspection & Maintenance Videos for Telehandlers

The greatest performence comes with the greatest care and that‘s why we advise you to check your telehandlers daily. We have created instructional videos, so you can make sure that everything is in order so you will be able to execute even the hardest operations in the toughest conditions. Take a look at our daily maintenance and inspection videos which will show you how to keep your telehandlers ready for any challenge!

TL26.60, TL30.60 & TL30.70 Telehandlers

T35.130S, T35.105L, T36.120SL & T35.140S Telehandlers

T35.130SLP, T40.180SLP & T41.140SL Telehandlers

TL38.70HF, TL34.65HF & TL35.70 Telehandlers

TL43.80HF Telehandler