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Quality and sharp bucket teeth are essential for good ground penetration and machine’s efficiency. Blunt, worn teeth greatly increases the effort needed during digging, increase fuel consumption and result in higher shock transmitted through the bucket to the digging arm.
Durable and long wearing cutting edges are made of the same quality material as the blades used on production buckets.

Bucket Teeth and Cutting Edges

Bucket Teeth

Choose the right teeth for your application.
Whether you are working in sandy or rocky soil, there are a variety of teeth available to help you meet the demands of the task at hand.
Replacing worn out and broken teeth will help you, and your equipment, perform efficiently.
For an all-makes bucket teeth option, talk to the parts department at your local Bobcat dealer to learn about the replacement teeth options available for your bucket.

Bobcat Cutting Edges

Bobcat replacement cutting edges will help you keep your competitive edge.
Bobcat weld-on cutting edges makes installation of the Bobcat bolt-on cutting edges easy. Bobcat weld-on cutting edges come with pre-punched bolt holes for installation of Bobcat reversible bolt-on edges.

  • Eight-inch wide blades come in seven lengths to fit most popular-size buckets; wider blades mean longer wear (6” wide blade fits on 48” buckets)
  • Reversible blades made of SAE C1080 steel for superior abrasion resistance
  • Twenty-two degree angle on bevel gives sharper edge; blade works better
  • Bolts to bottom of bucket; edges add strength to loader buckets, allows for longer bucket wear
  • Easily attached to bucket with nuts and bolts (hardware sold separately)

Rubber Cutting Edges

For a softer touch on sweepers, buckets and snow blades, try Bobcat's Rubber Cutting Edges.

  • Made of durable rubber compounds for a long wear life
  • Reduce damage to concrete floors, use as “squeegee” on wet floors
  • Reduced scraping noise compared to steel edges
  • Rubber edges create a softening effect on the machine, and can actually reduce driver fatigue and vibration
  • Great for snow removal

Polyurethane Snow Removal Edges

Polyurethane cutting edges are Bobcat engineering approved and specifically designed for use on Bobcat attachments. Polyurethane cutting edges can save time and money as they are less likely to damage concrete and asphalt parking areas, submerged lighting systems, pavement markings, and other delicate surfaces.

  • Save time and money with longer service life!
  • Blank edges available for light and medium duty bucket applications.