We’re focused on improving efficiency and productivity for our customers.

Advanced Technology Features

Our customers are always looking for better ways to improve efficiency and productivity. As the industry leader, Bobcat® is constantly innovating to enhance our products with advanced technology. We’re focused on developing more intelligent, digital solutions that generate and utilize actionable data to improve productivity and provide more automation to address operator needs and jobsite situations. Many of these technologies are available today from Bobcat. But, we’re always working on the next solution to empower operators to do more.

Bobcat MaxControl

With Bobcat MaxControl, you can take your machine to the next level of operation with a collection of new technologies. Operate your machine from outside the cab. Set up geofences around objects on the jobsite you want to avoid during operation. Plot points on a digital worksite as a path for your machine to follow during semi-autonomous operation. And so much more is in the works. Watch for more details about future capabilities using Bobcat MaxControl technology.

Bobcat® MaxControl Remote Operation

Bobcat MaxControl Remote Operation uses an app on an iPhone® to operate equipment from outside the cab. It’s an ideal solution for simplifying two-person jobs and jobs that require operators to frequently enter and exit the machine to get work done. Available on select equipment.

Bobcat MaxControl Object Avoidance

With Bobcat MaxControl Object Avoidance, operators can set up geofences around objects and obstacles on the jobsite to avoid during operation.

Bobcat Semi-Autonomous Operation

With this technology, operators will plot points on a digital worksite as a path for the machine to follow during semi-autonomous operation of specific tasks.

Bobcat Operator Vision Technology

This heads-up display puts crucial information and machine data in the operator’s direct line of sight. The display is located on the cab’s front window for improved operation.

Productivity-Enhancing Technologies

Bobcat has developed numerous technologies that change the machine’s performance to make it faster, stronger and more capable for a variety of applications.

Bobcat Features On Demand Being Utilized On Smartphone

Bobcat Features On Demand

Bobcat Features On Demand technology gives equipment owners the flexibility to enable additional features to properly equip compact loaders as needs change – after purchase. This technology gives owners the freedom to customize a machine to the exact features needed at any time.


Depth Check System

The Bobcat depth check system accurately measures depth and grade without the operator needing to exit the compact excavator. The system helps prevent under-digging and over-digging, to reduce costs and increase efficiency. The system detects the exact position of the bucket's teeth, allowing operators to set a desired digging depth and work against that benchmark. Audible alerts indicate whether the operator is approaching the target, at the target or beyond the target.

Bobcat Equipment Operator Utilizing Selectable Joystick Controls

Selectable Joystick Control Modes

With these low-effort joysticks, available on most loaders, operators control all machine functions with their hands. (Optional on select models.) This state-of-the-art system includes several exclusive features that adapt the loader’s performance to specific job requirements including speed management, horsepower management, steering drift compensation and a drive response mode.

Bobcat Compact Track Loader With Precision Grading Attachment

Precision Grading Technologies

Bobcat automatic grading solutions deliver more accurate grading results with less time and less labor – and can save on expensive finishes such as concrete. Laser-guided systems and sonic/slope systems offer accuracies better than +/- ¼”. The 3D-ready system uses GPS technology or UTS to accurately and efficiently complete complex designs with accuracy of 3 – 5 mm.

On-Board Technologies

Technologies within the cab of a Bobcat machine are just as important as the steel used to construct the body of the equipment. These on-board technologies are designed with operators in mind to increase productivity and efficiency on the job.

Bobcat Digital Display On Performance Data

Touch Display

The most advanced in-cab display for compact equipment provides detailed machine information and unprecedented device connectivity. Operators can easily view and toggle through machine performance information on the wide, easy-to-use touchscreen, which supports seven languages. It’s waterproof and hardened to reduce scratching.

Rear-View Camera Available On Select Loaders And Excavators

Rear Camera

An optional rear camera is available on select loader and excavator models, or a rear camera kit is available for skid-steer and compact track loaders. It offers a rearview from the operator’s seat helping identify obstacles and providing an additional viewpoint for certain applications. For machines with the touch display, it is integrated with the rearview camera, automatically switching the display to a camera view when moving in reverse.

Comfortable Cab With Bobcat Excavator Operator

Comfort Features

Bobcat equipment is known for premium comfort features that help operators stay productive and focused on long days. Available features include enclosed, sealed, pressurized cabs with sound dampening features; automatic heating and air conditioning; clear visibility with more glass surface area; maximum legroom and headroom; adjustable, air-ride heated seats; easy-to-use, ergonomic controls and joysticks, radios with auxiliary audio input jacks; cupholders, storage and floor mats.